“I’ll Rip His Head Off Just To Use It As A Bowling Ball.”

mobwives_2sheets_mech_01_905i have always followed the mob’s way of living...
mind my business,
shut the fuck up,
and keep my eyes open.
that being said,
i love italians.
their swagg is crazy.

tumblr_m012ggfHYS1r7i2rko1_500in another life,
robert de niro would be my husband.
so this entry is for my foxhole tv heads.
now i met big ang in passing at an event a year ago.
i never even watched the show,
but i knew her face from the commercial.
one of the friendliest reality stars ive met.
i had so many reality shows i was watching that i forgot all about this one.
now my readers knows good tv so i had to ask:

 has anyone ever watched mob wives?
is it worth me giving ratings too?

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on ““I’ll Rip His Head Off Just To Use It As A Bowling Ball.””

  1. I do not watch the show. However, as of late I have been keeping an eye on the tension between Natalie and Renee tho. I watched like a half of an episode lol

  2. The women talk a lot of shit.You’d think they were in the mob.To be honest, if you’ve seen one reality show, you’ve seen them all.On each season of Mob Wives, at the beginning, a beef is always started.They talk back and forth about it for a bunch of episodes until a brawl happens.Well, that’s how the first two seasons go.

    However, Renee seems to be really real.Like she had a breakdown because she found out her husband snitched on her father which got him arrested.Her husband was an informant for the feds.He even appears on camera a few times before they find out.This bitch broke down down down.They really hate snitches or as they call em “rats.”Renee seems to be the only one really going through anything.She was married to a mobster and her daddy is one.

    I don’t like giving this show ratings because a few of the ladies are racists or have said racist things.Carla and Drita have been reported as referring to another woman on the show as a “Nigger lover” because she has a daughter with a (half)Black dude.Carla was exposed on the second season reunion by Ramona.She said that Carla said some things about Black people in emails to her.

    Mob Wives is alright but their constant back and forth about putting your head through a wall gets old when all they do is end up pulling hair.However, Renee does yank the shit out of Carla by her hair.I applaud it because she grabbed it to get an advantage.Most women will just grab hair and stand their holding on to it the whole time as if their beating up hair and not another woman.

    Ramona seems to be an actual Mob Wife but her story is kind of boring because her husband is in jail.So is Drita’s.I guess I’d give a shot if I were you but it gets kind of depressing because Hurricane Sandy struck during one of the seasons and the ladies helped give what they can.

    1. ^damn zen.
      loved your breakdown.
      i may give it a shot.
      from what i see,
      they talk alot of shit.
      drita was all up on the hiphop scene judging from youtube.
      all that mess they talk,
      italians like to mess with blacks in secret.
      the men especially.

      1. I think her comments may have more to do with her trying to sound hard and impress her husband because she(Drita) did appear in a video with Juelz Santana and some other dudes.Carla just seems like a stuck up snooty bitch so I could see her thinking of many people as beneath her because she has money.Drita is Albanian.She kind of hinted that people had problems with her and her Italian husband because of her ethnicity so she should know better than to talk about any other group if she did call Karen a “Nigger Lover.”

        Italians like to mess with us in secret?Hell, who doesn’t.

  3. I love the Mob Wives it’s more entertaining this season because Renee seems more cuckoo. But they do show they are very much an old school Sicilian-Americans except Drita.

  4. honestly the first two seasons i think were the best when you had karen and carla still up there, especially in season two when drita fought karen and her cousin ramona at the same time…drita is my bitch lol

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