The Streets Are Talking: The Death of The DL CEO

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 12.26.12 PM
the owner of dlchillspot,
shot dead in cold blood and left to die in the street.
so i’ll admit,
i was waiting to see how the story developed.
one of the f-bi sent me this story and i figured let me post it today…

Police say Duane Lett, 34, was shot to death on a Brownsville street in broad daylight.

It happened in front of an apartment building on Rockaway Avenue near Rutland Road at around 1:15 p.m. Saturday. A neighbor says she heard gunshots and looked out her window to see a man lying on his back with a head wound in the middle of the street.

Police were at the scene investigating for hours, shutting down Rockaway Parkway between East New York Avenue and Rutland Place.

Lett was pronounced dead upon arrival at Kings County Hospital.

well rip duane.

tumblr_myw7aqDN0f1swqlgko2_250first of all,
brownsville and east new york?
second of all,
this was personal.
robbery maybe?
shooting him in the head in the day tho?
not to mention he was running that dl website.
check the breakdown of what his website was about:

The DL Chill Spot specializes in what it calls “homemade “hood porn” starring straight black boys and “DL” thugs fresh off the streets of Brooklyn, New York.

The DL Chill Spot CEO invites Straight guys over to relax and hang out, then captures on camera every spontaneous, unscripted moment of their sexual exploits with him and each other! In many cases, they are experimenting with guy-on-guy sex for the very first time. Sometimes he “turns out” these hot straight guys himself, and other times he recruits the help of other gay and “DL” boys.

now ive seen some of the videos,
as i’m sure you all havce,
but i personally never got into them.
his videos always reaked of “slum living” and “unwashed testicles” to me.
like, i like my wolves to look like they had all their proper shots.
i’m pretty sure there is more to this story.
the streets are definitely talkin’.
f-bi: keep me updated.


article from: long island news

17 thoughts on “The Streets Are Talking: The Death of The DL CEO

  1. Exactly dat shyt was sad in wat he did to them guys no one needs to die but still he used and abused the fact that they needed help dat shyt is sad from wat I’ve heard he made dem feel comfortable and druged them he’s wrong for that it had to be ah angry person cuz I watched some of it and some of them guys looked as if dey didn’t kno wat was going on all for money smh well r.i.p to him

    1. I too have been trying to find out has any progress been made on this case. Nothing so far. Keep checking the gay porn blogs and please post whatever you find. You may know this much already but, I’ll get people up to speed anyway; Duane would deliver DVD’s to your house in the early days. His DVD’s were originally sold at a porn shop in the village on Christopher street in NYC for $17.00 a pop. That was about ten years ago and seemed to work. This was quick money for poor black boys in Brooklyn, and those early video are all but gone, they were cheaply made. But when he set up the website, the money really started rolling in. You can find many of the videos all over the internet at various porn share (free) sites. Now, my sympathies are with his most recent performers who are all over the internet eternally and will not receive a single dime. His website is still accepting new subscribers. Movie is selling a hand full of those same videos. Now there is a website named pornhub where those same videos are offered for free. Since Duane’s death a lot of money has been made. Who’s getting it? That’s where my investigation would start.

      1. I know It’s a damn shame how this murder has been put on the back burner. Again I’ll say: follow the money and you’ll get all the clues you need to find the killer. now here’s an interesting idea, the video’s would often depict the performers as ‘Crips’ or ‘Bloods’ Gang members, nothing could be further from the truth.Those gang members would never be caught on film sucking dick, or getting fucked in the ass. But claiming they do could and would get you killed. On Duawne’s original website, he would not only invite you, but give you directions to his house. He claimed he was there to help young struggling boys get thier GED, look for work, give you a shot to make some pocket money. in some of his videos those boys were looking like deer caught in the headlights. Now I am as gay as the day is long, but some of that shit he had them boys doing was heart breaking. These kids never been five miles outside of their place of birth so they didn’t know. They were extremely on the DL, or otherwise they would have known about the real studios like Cocodorm, Thugmart, Chocolate Cream to name just a few. I am writing a book loosely based on the events surrounding his death, those close to it will know what the book is about. I’m surprised Law & Order hasn’t beat me to punch yet. In any case Duane didn’t deserve to die no matter what, however, to whoever killed him: I understand.

  2. My prayers are with the DL CEO’s friends and family – may he rest in peace. Probably a disgruntled former model i’m sure. i hope the killer is found and swiftly brought to justice. The ‘DL’ – ‘Trade’ life is no joke. Today’s class of young urban porn stars are a different kind of breed.

  3. So Very Sad To Hear That The Producer Was Killed On Monday 6th of Jan 2014, By Some Homo Phobic Model or Family member of a Model. dlchillspot_ceo will be missed by many who enjoyed his work.

    For all of you who think this business is easy money and no danger,this is a reality check.And for all of the would be producers, remember to keep a safe distance between the models real life and personal life.


    1. I was thinking about you, please stay safe. I’m a subscriber to both of your websites. I’m from East New York Brooklyn as well as the CEO, I never met him though I only lived a few blocks away. this is a tragedy. But it also goes to show, never shit where you eat. if I ever decide to do what he was doing, and I’m seriously considering it, I’ll work out of Brooklyn, but I’ll live across the country somewhere.

    1. Dee if you ever watched any of the videos on either site then you obviously enjoyed it too some extent. I am just trying to figure out why you exposed both websites on here and then put in the comment about the uproar that Micheal caused etc. You have to understand that it is something in the black community that cannot wait to disrespect and “out ” someone without any damn regard. So i cant help but wonder are you some kind of hypocrite enjoy the videos of these sites you seem to know so well then get self righteous on here and sound the moral police, ? Are that miserable like the rest enjoy the ride until the car runs out of gas or like the dope fiend until the high goes away…………………..I wonder. I hope not CAUSE THIS IS THE REASON THAT THIS MAN IS DEAD.

  4. This reeks of something personal. I have seen some of his vids and they are lackluster to say the least. At any rate, RIP Duane.

  5. Ive seen short clips of these videos and I was always confused if the guys are ” straight or DL” why are they allowing their faces to be shown.Also how much do you think they were paid for the videos?Gotta go
    Ill be back after” The Haves and Have Nots

    1. ^thats how these things lure in unsuspecting idiots.
      no way these people are dl and their faces are out there.
      i’m sure each one of them was paid in weed and an extra value meal at mcdonalds.

      you know i’m ready for my show to come on tonight y.
      being mary jane,
      and pretty little liars.
      aww suki suki.

  6. First time hearing of this. I think I have heard of him before and watched a couple of his vids, but that has been a while. I am wondering what happened? Was it a random attack or was he purposely targeted?

    1. ^i’m sure the police need to investigate all the performers in his videos.
      me thinks someone didn’t get paid,
      someone was exposed when they were told they werent,
      or someone had a major ax to grind with him.

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