Aww Baby! You Had Me At Comic Sans MS!

0c2eae18773e11e38214127b88cfc5d3_8these two look very unsure in this picture.
well they both look like they about to suck the blood of whoever took the pic.
anyway i missed love and hiphop: ny last night,
but i did catch it today.
some thoughts…

  • amina really threw out the ring?
    the one she bought?
    um pawn shop, much?
  • i love me some tara,
    you know i do,
    but she is giving me “well spoken parrot” with this foolishness.
    why are they going so hard for this broke jackal?
    his pipe must shoot out hazelnut coffee or some shit.
  • i was waiting for cyn to slap rich.
    “take that shit to tgi fridays or the chinese restaurant next door”
    honorable mention: calling her “lil chipotle”.
    i was also waiting for the director to yell cut because of that bad acting.
  • did this muthafucka really stand there and say “co-habitat”?
    ima need him to get in the same classes as his son.
  • how is baby mama gonna say moving in together is a big step,
    but she popped out a child for that little tyranasaurus rex?
  • k michelle seems to be the “iyanla: fix my ebt life” of this show.
    i hate it.
  • i’m mad all it took for amina to get back with gunz was a damn animated billboard.
    “its peter gunz.
    i’m ready.”
    like he called in a helicopter or the rockettes or some shit.
    then her dumb ass:
    “i love you…so much…”
  • hoes are moved by basic font powerpoint presentations now?
    he took a bunch of her instagram pictures and wallah!
  • joe budden.
    something about him makes my foxy senses go off.
    he looks like he has secrets.
    i’m willing to listen to him tell me those secrets in the dark with him on top of me.
  • erica mena is trying to achieve something that just ain’t happening.
    its over ma.
    bye bye.
    don’t even pass go.
    she ain’t getting it and rich is just as stupid.
    this chick is a liability to your bread.
    they both gonna be eating bird seed if they keep this up.
    i do love when she goes off tho.
  • now who dis:

    tumblr_m4a3chxhzK1r92xj4o1_500…and he is a twin too?
    one for me and one for you?
    i’ve taken the liberty in naming him “back breaka” until his dossier hits my desk.
    so those were my thoughts on the show.
    the season started out good,
    but its slowing winding down.
    i’m getting to the point of “i’ll watch it when i watch it”.
    i will tune in for that erica mena scrap next week tho.

    x watch it here at mrworldpremiere

lowkey: ive never watched single ladies,
but i’ll give it a shot.

Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on “Aww Baby! You Had Me At Comic Sans MS!”

  1. Peter is hella ugly ain’t he? DAMN. Ol boi is hurt to the core. His face looks as if it is about to melt like a candle. Amina’s teeth bother me too, I had to say it. SMH.

    Cyn is bad. I’d be like Rich who? Erica is a dumbass for allowing Rich to come between them.

    As usual, Joe Budden turned me on once again. I like him man, I believe he is a nice guy deep down who needs to be loved. I am extremely curious about him and his sexuality. My gut tells me he is a Fox. I know he has had over 70 partners, but if that ass has never been touched, he is pure as snow in my book.

    I watch Single Ladies. I find it interesting, and I do not even watch tv shows that revolve around women, except reality shows. The men on there are bad, so bad your pupils will dilate.

  2. Ugh the show was boring. Except I did like the scene with Cyn and Erica.The End.

    Now for Single Ladies it was interesting, but they need to go back to acting school. To me they are acting more the paycheck than the show. I hate the easiness of the Ladies maybe because I’m a taurus and we don’t like people who are fast in bed. And Lisa Raye and that guy really don’t match at all.

  3. I agree.L&H is boring and tired now.It used to be fun to laugh at the stupidity but these story lines aren’t funny.

    I’ve watched Single Ladies and like LINDO said, the acting is awful.It’s clear this show is about the male eye candy.I’m not a person that can spot how good acting is but when I watched this show, man was it bad.I expected better from Lisa Ray considering she’s sort of a veteran actress.Then I watched the Players Club on Youtube last night, I hadn’t seen it since the 90’s and man was it cheesy.I guess Lisa has always been just an okay actress.Same with Vivica Fox.These corny women shows fit them… I guess.

    1. I thought Lisa Raye was a good actress too but I guess when you like somebody you don’t notice their flaws until later on. Single Ladies is too much sex, men, sex, men, sex, sex, sex, man, sex, and men. Plus it does send a wrong message to women.

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