we play a part in some of these sad outcomes on social media.
the blood is just as much on our hands too.
some of us aren’t entirely innocent with our behavior on these platforms.
i’m talking to you mister burner account.
you just told someone to kill themselves for nicki minaj.
the problem is everyone has to be on for a such large audience.
i’m talking all 50 states and the world.
we gotta be…

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When The Hunters Admit They Kill Black People…

so this makes me feel real safe!
*in my most sarcastic font possible*
so when folks show you who you are; believe them.
when folks tell you who they are…
like how this hunting jackal admits they only kill black people…
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When Stanning Goes Left… and Nearly Gets Your Tail Beat

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 9.58.30 PMi didn’t know drake’s stans were this brave.
i always imagined they were in their feelz most of the time.
well as you know,
drake and joe budden have beef.
well joe budden has beef.
drake was minding his own when joey came after him.
well drake’s stans decided to go after joey outside his crib.
“the right one” is all ima say.
this happened sent in by a f-bi via power 105.1
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Kill, Forgive, or Run Away

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 8.06.05 PMwhat is a fox to do?
no really…
what are we supposed to do?
on one end,
you want to kill the entire situation dead.
on another,
you want to work it out and forgive..
rih and b got us all fucked up.
i guess the answer is…

Do whatever your heart tells you to do.


…just don’t go murdering fuck-jackals who broke your heart.
that jail thing…
no bueno.

They Will Kill Your Ass

The_Holy_Bible“the world is coming to an end soon!” – the older animals

 they always swear the world was on it’s way to destruction.
every year!
well even though i’m still young,
i can honest say the world is headed to hell pretty quickly.
there is so much violence nowadays that it’s ridic.
jackals are killing you for simple things,
you can’t even trust the police anymore,
and this age of social media takes joy in uploading violence.
they fighting on tv like they do on the streets.
if someone don’t get thrown to the floor at a reunion show,
it’s considered a wash.
it all leading to the same story.
everyone is fuckin’ angry and for no reason at all.
so i couldn’t help but wonder…

Are we really living in the last days?…

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I Get Why People Kill Themselves

tumblr_static_tumblr_static_128iw4qdprjkogkwg4wkw84kg_640don’t judge me for this entry.
i really needed to vent.
my guess is they want to be released from all the pain they feel.
they don’t want to wait for that “happy ending” that may not happen.
it can be selfish.
i mean you are leaving behind people that give a fuck about you.
in the mind of someone who wants to end it all,
none of that really matters.
i guess thats the selfish part.
its like…
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