They Will Kill Your Ass

The_Holy_Bible“the world is coming to an end soon!” – the older animals

 they always swear the world was on it’s way to destruction.
every year!
well even though i’m still young,
i can honest say the world is headed to hell pretty quickly.
there is so much violence nowadays that it’s ridic.
jackals are killing you for simple things,
you can’t even trust the police anymore,
and this age of social media takes joy in uploading violence.
they fighting on tv like they do on the streets.
if someone don’t get thrown to the floor at a reunion show,
it’s considered a wash.
it all leading to the same story.
everyone is fuckin’ angry and for no reason at all.
so i couldn’t help but wonder…

Are we really living in the last days?…

do you know they were 132 homicides in chicago as of march?
there is even a video of a wolf filming a video before he is shot:

how scary is that?
they shooting over there like they at war in iraq.

What do we need to do to protect ourselves?

can we?
or do we just need to pray before we step outside?
you can’t bump no one or even look at them the wrong way.
jackals got legit mental issues nowadays.
you don’t know who is a ticking time bomb waiting for the right one.

i’ve started avoiding block parties and large crowds.
if i’m not getting padded down before entry,
jamari fox may just not be attending.
summer time and big holidays is when shit really gets hot in new yawk.
i guess you just gotta get prayed up before you walk out the door.

be careful out there.
walk away if you feel a situation will escalate.
these days,
no one cares who you are and what you can do.
they will kill you dead today and become an internet meme tomorrow.
with everything going on in the world,
and even having to watch the animals in our own lives,
i had to ask…

How are you protecting yourself these days?


as always,
you will be in my prayers.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “They Will Kill Your Ass”

  1. Dang, that was one the scariest and most shocking things I’ve ever seen! I mean the camera fell and showed the perfect angle of of the shooter poppin off. So freakin sad

  2. I will say this, a number of folk i know are preparing for “civil unrest”. To be honest back in the Y2k day one would laugh at the “doomsday preppers”…these days it just may be a pretequisite for survival…ijs Always be aware of your surroundings.

  3. Shit like this makes me really consider moving to another country were violence, especially gun violence, is not a part of their culture there like it is in the U.S.. I love America. I am glad I am an American but WTF?! Seriously?!

  4. I was very nervous to press play. Watching anything like that gives me anxiety. People are seriously losing their minds. You can’t go anywhere anymore and feel safe, not even church. Violence has always existed but it seems as if we’re growing immune to it though it seems to get more heinous. I’m definitely like you Jamari. I’m much more careful of my surroundings and I honestly hate to be around big random crowds nowadays.

  5. I wonder if it has anything to do with the wealth disparity and the cost of living outgrowing the earning potential in this country. 50 years ago, you didn’t have to work three jobs just to afford a 2 bedroom. Before, most people could afford to own their own home, now people are living with their parents until they’re 30 just to afford the down payment alone. It’s getting ridiculous. I read an article the other day that had a map of the average hours that people would have to work just to afford a 2 bedroom in each state if they made minimum wage. Of course, New York and New Jersey was like the highest in the country, something like 140 hours a week. There is only 168 hours in the week. It is really hard to live on your own without any help. Financial issues make people really angry and when people start getting desperate, just like animals, they kill each other, out of anger, or for resources.

  6. Honestly those statistics say more about the police and how they are doing their job than anything else. Do statistics on traffic tickets and I bet those haven’t changed a bit. How many of those homicide cases get solved?

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