gay males are dangerous

i think it’s okay to be a little dangerous.
now i’m not fontin’ about the “shady two faced” kind.
i’m talmbout the one that attracts and puts others under your spell.
that one isn’t something that can be taught or bought.
we all have it deep inside us.
i compare it to those certain vixens we all know…

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They Will Kill Your Ass

The_Holy_Bible“the world is coming to an end soon!” – the older animals

 they always swear the world was on it’s way to destruction.
every year!
well even though i’m still young,
i can honest say the world is headed to hell pretty quickly.
there is so much violence nowadays that it’s ridic.
jackals are killing you for simple things,
you can’t even trust the police anymore,
and this age of social media takes joy in uploading violence.
they fighting on tv like they do on the streets.
if someone don’t get thrown to the floor at a reunion show,
it’s considered a wash.
it all leading to the same story.
everyone is fuckin’ angry and for no reason at all.
so i couldn’t help but wonder…

Are we really living in the last days?…

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If You Died Tomorrow, Then I’m Dying Too

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 10.05.00 AM^ i was on ( x draya’s  instagram ) this morning,
and within her million selflies,
she posted something of substance.
i’m proud of you draya.
that is  a topic i know all too well.
i’m sure you too.
comparing yourself to everyone else.
i’m starting to think a lot of people’s self worth issues come from others.
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