gay males are dangerous

i think it’s okay to be a little dangerous.
now i’m not fontin’ about the “shady two faced” kind.
i’m talmbout the one that attracts and puts others under your spell.
that one isn’t something that can be taught or bought.
we all have it deep inside us.
i compare it to those certain vixens we all know…

i knew one.
she was labelled “the ho” by other vixens and gossipy males.
she slept around,
but she didn’t care about any male’s feelings.
she’d talk to them any which way and i’d watch them crumble.
she had a good job,
worked hard to take care of her cub,
and made sure she was always good out here.
her self esteem wasn’t high and you could see that.
still tho…

All the wolves were under her spell

the sexy ones we all lust after.
they would buy her shit,
deal with the attitudes,
and still would not go anywhere.
it use to confuse me,
but then i started to understand:

Males love a little danger

some males run from any sense of danger.
they like to play it safe and only do it missionary.
who tend to be the exciting ones,
will stand with their hard dicks to face it.
we love to hunt,
and if the prey presents itself as a challenge,
we’re all about bringing out the big guns.
it could be money or the doormat.
i’ve seen wolves choose “the bad girls” over the obvious good ones.
the good ones are usually boring.

Gay males are just like that

often times you’ll see the married males creeping with gay ones.
we are “the danger” within the community.
i didn’t make the rules.
it just is.
for one,
males aren’t supposed to be attracted to another male.
some of us have that aura.
we’re intriguing to society in general anyway.
this is why when we get a curious one,
he gets trapped,
and then we fuck/suck his brains out.
if we’re lucky,
we emotionally fuck his brains out and then he’s screwed.
he can’t be saved.
unlike the vixen,
who ends up getting a ring or baby despite it all,
it can lead to games and uncertainty as he’s fighting the attraction.
that is the downside.
the danger can just lead to some good sex and that’s it.
some of us are satisfied with just that.
so if you are,
continue to be a little dangerous out here.

look others males in their eyes
be mysterious
don’t tolerate disrespect
have some rumors about you
don’t be too insecure; don’t be too confident
pull the soul out of him with every sexual encounter

i use to wonder why i attract a lot of dl,
and taken wolves.
i’m starting to understand why.

*cheat sheet: you know when you really channel it?
when you’re dealing with someone you’re not attracted to.
think back to those times and how you acted.
how you ignored them and they still kept trying.

now go.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “gay males are dangerous”

    1. ^right!

      we all have a power within us.
      it doesn’t matter what you look/act like.
      we have something that attracts others to us.
      the power is learning and finding it.

  1. Ouah i was wait all my life for someone to say what i feel right now
    Thats what all men i say to me:i was dangerous,i was a devil,but i was what they want
    And all these men was straight and married
    I dnt know i like to seduce straight men
    Right now im in a sexual relation with my boss.hes white married and before me was straight.and right now its like a roulette russe.i can be nasty rude to him hes not leave and he like that.
    He always talk to me im a devil because a detroy all of his religious conviction and im make him ass all of that make him going crazy

  2. This is probably a subset of the law of attraction. I’ve used it before in college to see if it works and it does to a degree. It really works on untrained people who are aching for satisfaction. I’ve had females try to apply the law of attraction onome but it doesn’t work, because I can recognize it and I don’t want them so the effort is pretty much blocked.

    When I much younger I was confused because I was humble, easy going and told I was hot but never got that hot guy. So it took some time to figure out about things like this. Ive tested this out a few times. One guy was on the basketball team. 5’11, transferred from some school in Virigina, tatted and neat. and I had my eye on him during my early college years. The energy output was outsiding. I wanted to f**k him so bad and I knew he could sense it but I also knew he “DL”. Long story short, the Universe presented him to me a few times for me to attack but my scary butt never did.

    At one point, I had an assignment to interview other students, one of our athletes, guess who the mystery athlete was, him…AND to top it off, and show how much doubt I had in myself. My instructor took over and told me to sit near the camera and told him to keep his eyes on me and not look directly in the camera. This was a straight eye f**King moment that I was nervous about and didn’t follow up on. Universe straight up gave me a full meal, and I chose to go on a diet at that time.

    Now a days, if I wanted to and was interested in another guy, I have the confidence to attack if needed and now how to utilize the skill to get him. I’ve done this in the past and not even know it. Stealing dudes gazes and transferring sexual energy. Just be careful cause what you think you want might not be what you need.

    Most women are good with this, and they can bait men easily because most dudes are feenin for the va-jayjay. Feminine energy is powerful. It’s so powerul, even gay men are attracted to the nature of a woman. I think trans-females are good at this as well.

    Some gay/bi DL men are easy to capture too because they are usually wanting to connect with someone as they say “on their level.” I just call it vibrational frequencies…but whatever floats their boats. 🙄

    This is how gay men know other gays sometimes. They pick up on the frequencies/auras (what they call gaydar) of other gay/bi men. When you look a man in his eye, you can transfer the energy to him…the “I want you”, look or in Frank terms, the “I wanna f**k you or gimme some d*ck.” You just have to be wise about it of course and know for sure he’s into or at least looking for “satisfaction”.

    Straights can also pic up on both gay and straight energies…

    You have to have a high vibration to do this though. If you are trying to do this with low vibes, I doubt it will be effective to be honest. Be up there looking like Issa after ole dude skeeted in her eye.

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