If You Died Tomorrow, Then I’m Dying Too

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 10.05.00 AM^ i was on ( x draya’s  instagram ) this morning,
and within her million selflies,
she posted something of substance.
i’m proud of you draya.
that is  a topic i know all too well.
i’m sure you too.
comparing yourself to everyone else.
i’m starting to think a lot of people’s self worth issues come from others.
especially on social medias. you see mister muscles being a flexing selfie maniac and you think… MEAN!

if only i could i would be…”

or you see the queen on tube,
suckin and fuckin every fine ass wolf on the east coast and you think:

“i need to compete and use my body parts to get these…”

case in point this muscular-thick solid wolf i use to mess with couple years ago.
he was so fine and i was insanely sexually attracted to him.
i can talk sexual/have sex with someone and thrown them in the trash with no issue.
with him tho,
he always kept me mentally stimulated and that turned me the FAWK on.
good looks + nice body + can talk to me = kryptonite
he would call me up at 1,2, or 3 in the morning just to tell me go to “such and such” page.
not because they were sexy and he wanted to fuck them.
he wanted their bodies.
he would literally whine about some model with a nice defined body.
he’d then tell me he was getting up to go to the 24 hour gym to work out.
um, what?
needless to say we didn’t work out.
he started bringing more insecurities to what could have been with us.
sigh… he was everything they were and better.

tumblr_mtp5a680621qbbb7uo1_500in life,
we get caught up into thinking the more likes you get,
the better human you are.
we don’t see that these same people could be just a huge mess as we are.
sometimes bigger.
i started to wonder if in life,
do we need to compare ourselves to other people just a little?
i know when i see these @attentionwhores,
it makes me want to:

a) dominate them in bed and have them blowning up my phone for more
b) do better within my own life

instead of looking at the “likes” and “the funhouse”,
i look at the lust and the motivation.
them doing good makes me want to do better.
it’s friendly competition with a side of pipe.
some people just want to be “that person”.
step in their shoes and then get back to me.
when it comes to comparing yourself to other people…

Should you?

7 thoughts on “If You Died Tomorrow, Then I’m Dying Too

  1. This is so true. I think sometimes we forget that Instagram is NOT reality. Filters, lighting, and strategically taken pics do not make a fabulous life. Some of these ppl are a hot mess, and just simply take nice pics. I have to constantly remind myself this whenever I get in my feelings.

    People aren’t gonna post the bad things…..just the good ones. Most people on social media seek validation from strangers, while their lives are in shambles. I’ve seen ppl post passive aggressive messages on Instagram because they don’t get enough “Likes.” Social media is weird….I try very hard not to take it seriously. Society is getting a little too narcissistic for me.

    1. Hi Jamari, love the post! Fell abit shaded I never got props for mentioning this subject in the last comment section, even more shaded HOV got a reply and I never! but haha!

  2. I started realizing what you were saying when I found out these 2 very handsome very good looking straight guys I used to crush on, used to be the shit out of their baby mommas.Both of them were kicking doors down to get to them so they could lay a beating.

    I started thinking “Damn, I’d never have guessed they were like that.”I used to compare myself to them and want be/look like them.Now I wonder that about everybody.Everyone has flaws, including the good looking people we envy.The flaws might not even be as bad as beating women.Their flaw could be that they’re boring and should only be looked at from afar.

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