I’d Like To Think I’m Talented With A Pole Myself

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 12.30.16 AMits about gatdamn time for rihanna to premiere “pour it up”.
how old is this song?
that song goes hard in the “skrip” club.
so i heard.
judging from rihanna’s instagram,
the theme is clearly strippers.
she had a huge audition for strippers and chose nicole “the pole” williams.
you wanna see why?…


now thats talent.
besides ( x bolo ),
i prefer watchin’ vixen’s strip.
they’re more fluid and they show the fuck out on a pole.
i love to see vixens go in dancing.
am i the only one?
well here is rihanna in her stripper costume for the video:

well okay.
i hope she “brang it” for this video.
she never had a bad video,
but we shall soon see.

x see more on rihanna instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

One thought on “I’d Like To Think I’m Talented With A Pole Myself”

  1. I saw that video the other day and died!!! I prolly coulda did that when I was 10!! In any case Rhi looking like Joseline Hernandez on that ass!! I can’t wait for this video!!

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