Britney Spears Is Going To Get Those Ticket Sales Darnit!

tumblr_mu0uiba3Zg1qbvjf9o1_500wait a damn minute britney.
hold on dammit.
one of my fav twitter f-bi alerted me that britney’s new video for “work bitch” was out.
i hate that song,
but i wanted to see if britney would “brang” it with the dancing.

lets cue mario lopez opinion:

tumblr_mteghe4sBX1rmwg3do1_r4_400britney’s body>>>
britney’s hair>>>
britney’s face>>>
britney’s soul>>>
the quality of that video>>>
only britney spears can create as much standemonium like beyonce.
i still hate the song,
but the video was shot really good.
she also looked really good and dare i say,
she didn’t look stiff.
something was kinda off tho.
like it was missing something,
but it’s good to see her back to her craft.

tumblr_mu0qwy5HEE1qlzuomo1_500lowkey: can we talk about all the product placement?

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “Britney Spears Is Going To Get Those Ticket Sales Darnit!”

  1. DAMN! GO Britney! She did a great job, and I’m also very glad to see the video wasn’t Lady Gagaish or Rihannaish because she could’ve easily went that route. Overall I give the video an A….

  2. Good video u can see Britney gettin a lil older now cause she didn’t dance like she use to. I can already here it in all the white no rythem fist pump clubs

  3. Not a fan of Britney music, but I actually like this song. I also like her as a person, dont know too much about her, but my heart sort of felt for her when she went through her breakdown and Im always glad for someone who can come back through trials and tribulations. I laugh and joke about artist all the time, and by that I mean legitimate artist and not these youtube kitchen acts, but I also respect anyone with talent and anyone who will put themselves out there to be judged. Go Britney, I hope this will be the start of a comeback for you.

  4. Good video, but she doesn’t move like she use to!! She looks great, I love the song and two thumbs up!!!! Well done!

  5. I’m sorry to ruin the praises but Britney still has that “somebody’s home but the light aren’t on” look on her face.Her team needs to let her retire and raise them boys and stop trying to squeeze out every bit of last drop of money they can from fans that accept anything she releases just because her name is on it.It might backfire.They found the right dose of meds to where she can move better but it’s only a little better.

    I wouldn’t feel so bad watching her if she didn’t have that dead look on her face all the time.Clearly her team are the ones that should “leave Britney alone.”

  6. Is it just me or did I want the dancing to be more sharper and just to go harder with more attitude and not just so softly, Hell her hit me baby one more time was sharper it seems. BUT she looks healthier, better than that Gimmie Gimmie more video.

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