Pink’s Daughter Is Gonna Marry An African With No Labels

i’m confused with this.
i’ll admit it in the highest of keys.
sidebar: i’m getting into pink’s new album now.
pink is part of the “gender neutral/living and loving” households now.
her daughter,
wants to marry an african vixen.
her daughter is also 6.
this is what the “daily mail” has to say…
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If You Died Tomorrow, Then I’m Dying Too

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 10.05.00 AM^ i was on ( x draya’s  instagram ) this morning,
and within her million selflies,
she posted something of substance.
i’m proud of you draya.
that is  a topic i know all too well.
i’m sure you too.
comparing yourself to everyone else.
i’m starting to think a lot of people’s self worth issues come from others.
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tumblr_mmjd2uWKjs1s107yso1_500since i’m in a heavy mood,
i wanted to lighten up the foxhole.
go back to when you first stepped on the scene.
way back when.
you are excited at what you are about to present the world.
now look at who you are.
what has changed from then to now?
do you like it?
are you still likeable?
well this round is called:


lets take a look at the contestants…

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Premium Meat of My Minute: Matt Forté

i have heard so many people talking about how fine this matt person is.
i was so caught up with others that i didn’t check him out.
well, one of my f-bi sent me him to feature today….
i see what everyone was talking about…

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