If You Died Tomorrow, Then I’m Dying Too

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 10.05.00 AM^ i was on ( x draya’s  instagram ) this morning,
and within her million selflies,
she posted something of substance.
i’m proud of you draya.
that is  a topic i know all too well.
i’m sure you too.
comparing yourself to everyone else.
i’m starting to think a lot of people’s self worth issues come from others.
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I Think You Need Some Coffee Because You Look Tired Boo.

i needed to watch this.
won’t lie,
woke up feeling a little defeated.
things are moving slow.
slow and shaky.
life is not being fair.
in between the tears,
i still believe.
i believe something better is out there for me.
this can’t be “it”.
all the bad treatment and the hurt…
was that for nothing?
was i given this talent to write for it to be nowhere?
was i put here on earth to suffer?
there are so many other people who are suffering.
so many people who are living in hell and have everything.
it’s not me.
i don’t think so.
but it’s my mind that will keep me contained.
keep me stagnant.
you’re not good enough.”
you will never make it.
you will never get a job.
“you will be doomed.
it’s that voice.
that is what makes you “not make it”.

i came across these video and it was like coffee for a tired soul..

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He Was Like… Loafers From Payless When I Really Wanted Christian Louboutin


i always compared settling to shopping.
i know, the label hoe within my spirit.
i always felt like settling was going into one store and seeing a shirt i really liked.
they had no more in my size.
just the one in a bigger size that i know can’t fit me.
instead of maybe waiting for a few days or going to another store somewhere in the city,
i buy it in fear of losing out on such a great item.
or, never being able to get it because of fear.
come time to wear it to an event and it is too big and very ill-fitting.
i kick myself because i could have picked out another shirt or go to another store and see something better.

that seems to be the problem some of us having with dating.
we aren’t label whores when it comes to wolves, foxes, or even hybrids.
we just pick anything with a cute face, nice body, and a fat wallet.
seeing as how this lifestyle is “high on demand” and “less on quality“,
i often wondered if it is okay to settle for something that may just not be your perfect fit?
just pick up any ol whatever in the event we won’t be alone.
deal with whatever until we’re bored with him,
or until he shows us that he is really cheap material.
when it comes to settling…

Are we just doing it so we can say we have “it“?

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f0xmail: How Do You Act Like A Prince, Instead of a Pauper, In Public?


What’s the word, Jamari?

 I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for posting “The Foxy Rules of Getting a Sponsored Lifestyle.
Actually, I took that post for more than just talking about how to get a “sponsor,” and saw a lot of ways where you can just improve on being a down-ass Fox.
More than that, you gave a lot of advice about knowing your own self worth.
I always respect a hustler, and Jamari, my blog/lifestyle Guru, you are just that.
I was wondering if you planned on doing any follow up posts
about how to conduct yourselves in certain environments?
What do I mean by that?
Well, I’m very new and very green to this lifestyle having just graduated from college and just now getting my feet wet.
I’m always wondering how you’re supposed to act/conduct yourselves in different environments.
For instance, I feel you’re saying be laid back, BUT, you’re also saying make sure you get noticed.
Just curious if you could elaborate!
One of your newest/biggest fans….


You Ain’t Nothing But A Big Fat Bully… so There!

“UM, SAY WHAT????”

We have all had the moments.
Someone says something to us and we are ready to knock their heads right off their shoulders.
The older I get, I realize that people are really shady.
They are not nice and will try to treat you like shit.
It use to bother me until I learned how to skillfully be nice/nasty.
So I had to ask you, my reader…

How much bullshit do you tolerate?

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