we play a part in some of these sad outcomes on social media.
the blood is just as much on our hands too.
some of us aren’t entirely innocent with our behavior on these platforms.
i’m talking to you mister burner account.
you just told someone to kill themselves for nicki minaj.
the problem is everyone has to be on for a such large audience.
i’m talking all 50 states and the world.
we gotta be…

Looking rich even if we are broke.
Traveling everywhere to look cultured.
Hanging with the “in” crowd even if you hate everyone in the circle.

For the gays,
you gotta be half-naked to get likes.
Being vicious with reads to prove you are not to be fucked with.
Fuckin’ any and everywhere because we are human blow dolls.

Sidebar: since everyone is fucked out,
the “tops” of porn have given Rhyiem permission to fuck them stupid on camera.
I’m starting to think it’s how some rappers gotta fuck and suck execs for riches.

if you aren’t “on”,
something is wrong with you.
it’s like high school and how we treated the outcasts.
if you aren’t posting,
you are forgotten so everyone is trying to extend their 15 minutes.

Story-time: when Star Fox was killed,
in a depression-fueled moment,
I changed my number and only gave it to like 4 people.
4 people I spoke to were pretty regularly plus it was my fuckin’ choice.
This she-jackal and I were associates at best and didn’t text/call like that.
This insufferable cunt literally was mad I didn’t give her my number.
told me she wasn’t fuckin with me anymore.
I didn’t see her OD liking my posts or in my IG comments,
but she is mad I didn’t update her with my new number.
I saw her fuckin’ with others heavy on socials tho.

this is what i mean by how disgusting social media can be.
this is why i’ll give my social before my number.
the audience is the true villains.

People have been killing themselves trying to live up to these impossible standards set upon us.

i’ve decided i’m not doing that anymore.
when i see some big dick daddy dollars in my donations,
we can chat about how much time i’m gonna be “on”.
beyoncé doesn’t perform without the check clearing.
as a content creator,
i’m starting to see how fickle some of the audience can be at times.
some can be downright mean too.
when i need a break away from the news and the gossip,
i take one with no apologies.

Social media will kill you.

…and the sad part is,
you’ll do all that performing only for folks to unfollow once you die.
…and the other sad part,
the folk’s people “like” and go hard to impress/defend,
those same people won’t even care that they are dead.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. Absolutely, with the recent passing of a few familiar faces..all the ppl they were posted up with having a good time didnt even acknowledge their deaths! Its all spoke and mirrors with these ppl. Thats why its important to link with like minded and aligned ppl, most dgaf about you smh. All the “friendships” are superficial, its all to boodt their profiles

    1. They also make it about themselves too

      Like post pics of them together for clout but weren’t there when they needed them

      Only wen it’s time to go down to Atlanta MLK for an orgy or go to the club but friendssss? Nah

  2. I assume it’s due to my skintone, but the majority of gay men don’t flirt.

    They’ll humble you.

    If you aren’t posting thirst traps, you’re boring.
    If you aren”t sleeping around, you’re corny.
    If you are sleeping around, you’re a slut.
    If you don’t hookup, you’re stuckup.

    If you don’t have followers, you’re nobody.
    If you do, you aren’t anybody special.

    I had somebody call me ugly randomly(never spoke to me)and I deleted social media because he was popular and I knew people would gang up on me.

    When I eventually returned I saw people asking why he called me ugly and he said he was joking and wanted my attention. I confronted him and instead of apologizing, he ignored me. But would comment on every post I made, or comment after me talking mess. So I tried my best to ignore it. But he wasn’t the only one. People used me as a catfish while calling me ugly. Spreading lies while in my DMs saying they’d pity sleep with me. That same guy….wants to marry me. WHAT?! He told me I had to do what he said and forget how he antagonized me. All that time he spent harassing me, he got to know my interests and to this day, he tries to catfish me for nudes and gets so upset when I reveal I know it’s him. He’s stalked me heavy and gone off on me saying I never acknowledged him so he had to let me know my place. This is a guy many on here would kill to be with. But he’s fixated on me because I was living my life and wasn’t praising him. Whenever I tell friends they find it hard to believe because he doesn’t look desperate. It takes screenshots of him hacking me and saying I am his and his alone to be believed. I have a small online presence because of him and several others.

    Social media doesn’t come with rules. Someone autistic, with down syndrome or a young child would suffer greatly.

    People will literally be evil….because they can. And the”turn off the computer/phone/don’t read the comments” doesn’t apply anymore. You block people and they make new accounts. They find out where you live. Post your address and get your # and threaten you.

    If I had a child, I doubt I’d let them online. Nobody is born with the mental armor to deal with constant attacks.

    And I can’t stand people who act too good for social media. Especially in this pandemic, we’re now depending on it. People don’t meet in person like that.

    1. ^ that asshole is like the bully on the playground who likes the person but their way of showing their attraction is by picking on them.

      how disgusting of him to say he was just joking.
      he has a platform and being a vile bitch?
      i’m sorry you are going through that.
      that sounds crazy.

  3. If you walk into the room w humility, you can’t be humiliated. That’s what’s lacking. Everyone has insecurities, and it literally costs nothing to approach ppl as if you’re aware of this.

    Even the Rhyheim topping thing. If gay blk men cut the bs and owned the fact that roles are completely unnecessary and that we need to stop trying to emulate heteros, since we literally aren’t, we’d win more often. We start life w a lot of damage that we don’t deserve, just for being gay kids. We bring that as adults, unfortunately.

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