i have always been a temp.
there are “a-ha” moments all through this entry so stay tuned.
i don’t know when i got into temp work,
but i know i started my corporate temp career when i lived in boston.
i was told how easy it was to get a job by being a temp.

“If you show up and show you are good at the position,
they will most likely hire you.
I got hired for my job and I started out as a temp.”

looking back,
it came off as pick me behavior.
some jobs i got were legit temp for like a few days,
but others were “temp to hire” which i usually gravitated to.
so i usually did what jamari would do…


i’ve only been hired permanently for two jobs.
one was being a full-time receptionist in a dormitory at MIT.
the other was doing data entry at a gay hospital in new yawk.

every other temp job was working for a year or two and getting the boot.
it was because of idiot managers or fucked up changes to job descriptions.
when i look back at all my jobs,
and i have a pretty decent resume of experience,
i realized they were like my platonic and not-so relationships too.

Showing up,
putting in work,
being the best “me”,
dressing my ass off,
and being dismissed after I was of no use or someone better came along.

no cap but i’ve met a lot of fake ass bitches in my life.
ooooh Lawd.
the scent of “fake ass bitch” eau de toilette can be a hard sniff tho.
you’ll learn the scent notes with experience.

i was watching a clip from joe budden’s podcast this morning.
he asked his co-hosts:

“Have you ever given a girl the wifey experience,
but you never planned to wife her?”

topic starts around @ 6:40

it really made me reflect on how i’ve busted my ass in jobs and people,
they have given me access to being and experiencing in their worlds,
learning all their secrets because they shared them with me,
but there were no plans on taking me along any further.
choose me.
pick me.
hire me.

if i do get back into temp work to make a little money,
i am separating myself from getting attached to an outcome.
that was my biggest problem.
i had to wonder tho:

How do you know if you are a long-term temp in relationships and friendships?

i’m realizing YOU got to choose them and not the other way around.

Author: jamari fox

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        1. ^when i lived there,
          it was good af lol
          they have since cleaned it up.
          it is very small and everyone knows everyone.
          it was pretty fun but i think people have moved to surrounding areas from Boston since rent is insane now.

  1. I was in ‘temp hell’ for almost three years. The worst part was not having health insurance, and I had to go to the county hospital every month for my pituitary condition. Imaging waiting three hours (unpaid leave), not knowing what the hell I’d do if I got into an emergency. Scary times.

    My current job I started as a temp — I’m permanent now, and it’s the best job I ever had!

  2. Temp jobs are convenient, because they’re usually easy to get. But they really do suck. I was a temp for 2 years before I got my current job.

    The gay hospital job though sounds amazing

  3. In relationships and friendships, I get hired permanently as the employee who’s been there for 10 years, trains new recruits but never gets promoted due to “a lack of experience” and works under someone with no qualifications that are safe for work.

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