When The Hunters Admit They Kill Black People…

so this makes me feel real safe!
*in my most sarcastic font possible*
so when folks show you who you are; believe them.
when folks tell you who they are…
like how this hunting jackal admits they only kill black people…

When a female driver was reluctant to move her hands out of fear of being shot during a routine traffic stop in Cobb County, Georgia, the police lieutenant who’d stopped her said, “you’re not black” and “we only kill black people.”

don’t even ask if he is joking.
there is always some truth in every joke.
you hear him,
black foxhole?
no need to wonder or ask questions.

They like to hunt and kill us 

what would posses him to even say that with a dash cam on.
you gotta have pretty big balls.
i’m sure he won’t get suspend or even fired over this.
them against us.

we might need to always have a passenger just in case.
you never know when you gotta hit “record” or “live” nowadays.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “When The Hunters Admit They Kill Black People…”

  1. “we might need to always have a passenger just in case.
    you never know when you gotta hit “record” or “live” nowadays.”
    Philando Castille. All I got to say about that.

  2. So apparently, this happened a year ago but is only getting a response and he is being investigated because the news got a hold of the video.

  3. This officer retired today according to Atlanta Journal newspaper.He retired after it was announced he was going to be fired.

    1. I heard that he was fired though Collete via Buzzfeed I think. So now it’s conflicting reports.

      They been killing black people since there was a concept of black and white. I just hate that people act like we live in a post racial society and these animals show you time and again that we don’t. Yall better stop acting ignorant as to what’s going on because playing dumb won’t save you.

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