Random Acts of a Senseless Work Wolf

tumblr_static_7t5vwzwvnasccg8wsocgosc8wso i decided to try something new.
when work wolf texted me in the morning,
i would make sure to ignore it.
i had a lot of work i had to do anyway.
hell it would help me be focused.
he texted me in the morning and i put my phone in my drawer.

out of sight
out of mind

when i took my phone out my drawer in the afternoon,
i decided to reply back to his message…

“hey wassup.
busy day.
hope all is good over there”

he read it and didn’t reply back.
if he caught an attitude then this is even better.
the “stepping back” process would be much easier.

2jflzfcyeah no.

he texted me back and we started to talk.
i asked him what he ate for lunch.
he told me he went out and had street meat.
(for the non-new yawkers:

3445755513_db54eab5b3he asked me what i had.
i told him nothing.
its rent week and i’m really “in between blessings”.
mi and i are practically surviving on hot dogs and air at this point.
he didn’t texted back.
well about 30 minutes later,
he walks over to my desk with a bag.
he puts it on my desk,
says out loud:

“yeah you owe me 8 dollars!”

winks AND smiles at me,
and then walks away.
when i look inside,
it was a turkey sandwich from the deli in front of the building.
34sh5ozi could tell liar liar was looking from her desk.
i know she was trying to figure out why this pineapple done bought me a sandwich.
i didn’t want him to be all obvious,
as we are talking secretly,
but hell…

do i really owe you 8 dollars?”
– i texted from the lunch room.

“nah i got u” – he replied.

so letting go of this one won’t be easy.

lowkey: he proceeded to tell me that the new vixen and him are going out tonight.
they should be having dinner all like now.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

35 thoughts on “Random Acts of a Senseless Work Wolf”

  1. Every1 is readin too deep into this. It’s a sandwich for Christ sakes. If this guy wanted to set Jamari up he would have done so already. Not everything is a conspiracy theory. Niggas are doin too too much in this comment box. Jamari needs to go with the flow with this anyway.

    1. @Gio…it’s not that everyone is reading too much into it. You have to be careful with people nowadays, for real. A simple act of kindness can come back and bite you in the ass! Some people have ulterior motives, while others do it genuinely from the heart.
      As one comment noted, Liar Liar saw him give Jamari the sandwich. Surely she will be asking questions, trying to find out what’s up.
      Who knows what the reason was for getting Jamari the sandwich, but it was a nice gesture. Let’s just hope he don’t come looking for that $8 later on! LOL

  2. That was nice of him, I’m sure liar liar wishes it was hers lol. I say keep him around he cares for you as a buddy and who couldn’t use more of those. I agree with the comment above there’s a lesson here to be learn whether good or bad.

  3. Red flag: if your friendship is supposed to be on the low, why would he give you the sandwich in front of Liar, Liar instead of meeting you down the hall or around the corner from your desk?

  4. So… I don’t see you pulling back from this situation any time soon. Unlike others, I advise you to proceed full steam ahead. Sometimes we’re meant to play the fool. I’ve done it before, broken my rules, threw caution to the wind, let down my guard. Similar to your situation, actually. Did it work in my favor? HELL NO, but I got the experience and learned a ton from it. Isn’t that what life’s about? Lessons and blessings.

  5. Regardless of his intentions, it was really nice for him to do that for you.
    Just let things happen as they happen!
    I think your subconsciously trying to control the situation, I do it too sometimes without even knowing,
    let the chips fall as they may! Its easier! TRUST ME!
    That way you can still interact with him without getting caught up as much!

    S/N: My wolf/hybrid is going to hate me, because I’m horrible with texting. I text like once a week (if even)! LOL!

    1. ^you hit the nail on “trying to control the situation”.
      i am trying to control it so I won’t get hurt.
      my defenses are up.
      which is one the reasons im going to let go and go with the flow.
      ill still back up from being so invested.

  6. Yo! See now brunhilda has already picked up on your scent and we all know she will noisey as hell !

    it’s not to late to tell ole boy to back off because now you got a job you hate a man who’s working your emotions and a female you know is up to know good at your doorstep. Good luck man!

  7. He really does like you, but don’t over analyze as something more that isn’t. It no good. Remember str8 wolves are a no no, just eyecandy

  8. I think you think too much. Let him make the moves but don’t go out your way to avoid whats happening

  9. I don’t visit this site as often as I use to, so I am clueless regarding all these comments mentioning Chipolte.I guess one day I will have to search the archives ☺
    Sometimes a guy just wants to be a friend not a friend with benefits.Time will tell

  10. Wait, Jamari. I need you to elaborate. What do you mean by y’all are “talking secretly?” People in the office don’t know you are friends? Why would you need to hide your friendship with him? Would people be suspicious about something if the friendship was out in the open?

    Is it a decision y’all made together? Or is this just how things are?

    Please Respond. lol

    I’m confused.

    1. ^i told him to keep it secret.

      i didn’t want liar liar to know we were cool.
      it was a lot of work drama around that time i suggested it.

  11. That was really nice of him he didn’t have to do that. I think he likes you from all the interactions and things he does like pressing his ding dong against you in the lunch room that one time lol. I honestly think he gets down, he’s one of those (straight dudes) who probably never messed with a dude or maybe one or a couple dudes and he’s just trying to figure you out to make sure your not messy and spread the word that you’ll hooked up. Some (DL dudes) have a weird way of trying to get with another dude. Like him telling you his sex life he knows that it’s turning you on, he knows that you want him to do that sexual stuff to you.I will say just still be careful with him but if you trust him like The Man said just give up the cheeks already lol.

  12. This guy is clearly trying to be your FRIEND. Let it happen. Stop trying to decipher his dating women. Enjoy it for where its going and leave your attraction out of it. He is straight by what you have told us about him. He seems to want your friendship so why not give it to him? That sandwich was a blessing because you would be still starving. You will chase away a perfectly good person because you can’t get your head out the clouds. Stop trying to make fetch happen and relax!!

    1. You took the words out of my mouth……it’s like u can’t be selfish and swerve this dude because he ain’t given you the homo interaction you’re looking for. And even if he did, how u know that he will be content with being with u and leaving his attraction/affection for women alone. You said he was dog with the women he deals with, why would you settle for that or think u can redeem his player ways smh

    2. Agreed! It was a nice gesture and he gets points for doing it in front of Liar Liar.

      He might very well earn your friendship.

      I still recommend not texting back instantly after he texts you as far as open ended questions. Let’s him know you’re prioritizing him just like he’s prioritizing him. I think it might have worked in your favor judging by the events today.

  13. Ooh… Jamari I know you ain’t get moist off that shit? I know that was nice but don’t be looking at him like he bae lol! Not even moist worthy not even close now what would have been moist worthy if that nigga would have taken you out to lunch and dinner instead that beard he calls his date!

  14. Sweet, just be his friend Jamari. I have plenty of straight friends. But I’ve been In your place. Just rock and be cool with him bro. He sounds like a sweetie.

    1. ^im starting to think im doing too much with my own feelings.
      I think I need to just keep it on “friend street”.
      the car won’t move from there sadly.

    2. Lol, you say, “Just be his friend, Jamari” as if Jamari has any other option THAN friend. Lol You gay cats are sooo funny to me. ALWAYS dehydrated, ’cause y’all thirsty as fuuuuuuck! 🙂 Now, let me sit in this completely empty theater and watch BLACKBIRD.

  15. J, don’t let him play you like a violin. Past precedent predicts future behaviour. So don’t fall for it…

  16. Jamari and this man. Damn, I tell you. Just let him get your cheeks already. I bet you had to change yo draws after he brought you that sandwich lol. It was a good deed tho.

    1. ^naw I was really appreciative.
      i have no money
      and I can’t touch the money in my bank account.
      so for him to get me that sandwich was really nice.

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