Luke Cage May Have Put His Muscular Paw In His Mouth

marvels-luke-cagei was so bored watching “jessica jones”.
everyone loved it and i was like “yawn”.
i wasn’t bored with the only 2-3 episodes i watched with the big black wolf.
his name was luke cage.
jessica and luke’s sex scenes>>>>>
well luke cage’s show made it’s debut on netflix today.
i hope it’s not boring and full of amazing sex scenes.
well mike colter,
who plays luke cage,
had an interview with “the breakfast club” on power 105.1 that everyone is talking about.
he said potus only got elected because he is biracial…


ok his voice tho…


i’m not trying to be a “new black”,
but i can see his point.
he is saying obama wouldn’t be where he is without his complexion.
everyone is talking about the fact mike is married to a snow vixen.
does it really matter who he sleeping with that his opinion is null and void?
we are usually never surprised when that’s the case.
i could be wrong,

but wasn’t that the whole “story” when obama was running for president?
i won’t drag him for his opinion,
although i will keep him on “draggee probation” for any further nonsense.

Do you see his point?

you can check out luke cage on netflix now.

15 thoughts on “Luke Cage May Have Put His Muscular Paw In His Mouth

  1. I guess I’ll be the only one on here that liked Jessica jones lol 😂😂😂 ( For those that didn’t like the show I urge you to read the comic or go on YouTube and find out more about the comic character, Jamari I think you’ll be able to get into her back story)

    As for mike’s comments I can see where he was trying to come from but he failed to get there. I don’t think President Obama skintone as any to do with him being elected it’s more his personality than anything.

    1. ^ima have to look at it because i was waiting for whatever it happen to happen on that show lol
      i hope luke cage goes in an entirely different direction.

    2. Everyone keeps saying that. I get she suffers from PTSD and all that and the show is pretty accurate to the comic books. I just found myself bored with it. Had no action or really good fight scenes I can recall.

  2. Obama is my mans forever, but I actually agree with Mike. I was reading a book about Obama’s presidency not too long ago and it said that his aides in 2008 made sure to highlight certain aspects of his background in order to appeal to broader electorate. For example, campaign ads featuring photos with his white grandparents and mother but very few featuring Michelle and his daughters.

    1. Why would he need to do campaign ads with Michelle and his kids when they’re right by his side wherever he goes?

      I’m no Obama Stan at all, but he’s definitely not no sambo ass black man out here with a white chick obsessed with skin tone.

      As a black man, he had to be transparent about his background since most of America thinks we all live in the traps.

      1. Because they’re a part of his family just like his grandparents and mother were lol. And you have to realize that at the beginning of his candidacy, most people were not familiar with Barack like they are today. He was still very much a fresh face on the national political stage.

        There’s no doubt that certain concessions had to be made on Obama’s behalf in order to be accepted by Americans (mostly whites) and elected president. Especially considering that he identified more so with his Black side and married a Black woman. I wouldn’t say that’s the only reason why he got elected but it was definitely a part of it.

  3. I’m in agreement with you. Jessica Jones was lame overall, but comic book nerds love it. She’s not particular interesting and neither was Luke Cage but I’ll give his series a shot since Alfre Woodard and Thomas Jones are in it.

    They’re not fucking with Daredevil at all though. Matt Murdock, Elektra, WIlson Fisk, and The Punisher were all perfection!

  4. Hmmm perhaps his marriage to a white woman distorts his perception that Obama was elected because he was biracial.

    You know these black men who date and marry snow bunnies tend to think biracial=perfection and privilege, which is why they want to dilute their ethnic features with the swirl.

    Obama isn’t some high yellow pretty boy. Hell, you wouldn’t really guess he has a white mother. Furthermore, he’s married to a BLACK woman and has BLACK children.

    If anything his nonthreatening personality and appearance and desire to please everyone got him elected. Despite being a black president, he makes no special concessions to black people.

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