Brody Jenner Gets Dragged Right To “Informed” and “Awareness”

tumblr_n9p908uqhq1rnfb9bo1_500it’s always a humbling experience once you are dragged.
do remember last week’s drama with brody jenner?
when he agreed with someone speaking vile shit about keith lamont scott?
( x refresh your mental harddrive )
well brody jenner got humbled in the worst way.
he was dragged so hard,
he went to learn more about “black lives matter”.
this is what he posted on his instagram

screen-shot-2016-10-01-at-8-34-23-am screen-shot-2016-10-01-at-8-34-30-amwell let’s hope this is honest and genuine.
his mentions were looking like destruction.
it takes nothing to call pr for a heavy clean up.
we’ll keep him on probation.
or not.
he is sorta irrelevant,
but i’m sure he won’t ever forget that dragging he got.
get it together brody.


pictures credited: brody jenner

5 thoughts on “Brody Jenner Gets Dragged Right To “Informed” and “Awareness”

  1. I truly believe that he is just apologizing because of the backlash. After people started complaining he posted (now deleted) a pick of his two dogs with the hashtag all lives matter, then he posted (now deleted) one of the most disgusting comments he received to pretty much justify what he was saying. BLM isn’t a new movement and if someone is still screaming ALM it tells me exactly what I need to know about them.

  2. I’m unmoved. His opinion didn’t matter in the first place, it was more the audacity of it all.

    You have no discernible career or talent and you’re likely living off your fathers money. He’s likely never worked very hard for anything in his life.

    You’re white privilege personified.

  3. I wasn’t mad i didn’t car and i still don’t care, he’s irrelevant that’s it. “I still don’t know him”

  4. While I can appreciate the apology I’m good on Brody. Boy you did this because you got your ass dragged for days. He couldn’t look into more besides just the black lives matter movement while it’s a good start he’s still on probation for me.

    1. ^he didn’t anticipate that dragging.
      he served as a lesson to others.
      does he even hang with black wolves or vixens?
      definite probation.

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