Brody Jenner Gets Dragged Right To “Informed” and “Awareness”

tumblr_n9p908uqhq1rnfb9bo1_500it’s always a humbling experience once you are dragged.
do remember last week’s drama with brody jenner?
when he agreed with someone speaking vile shit about keith lamont scott?
( x refresh your mental harddrive )
well brody jenner got humbled in the worst way.
he was dragged so hard,
he went to learn more about “black lives matter”.
this is what he posted on his instagram
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Brody Jenner May Not Have Any Hair Follicles Left

screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-12-28-04-pmbrody jenner looks peaceful,
doesn’t he?
well too bad all is not well in his forest today.
he is being dragged by every inch of his life.
he agreed with his friend about the officers killing keith lamont scott.
this is what he said via the shade room
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The Tyga Lickin’ My Kitty Kat?

brody-jennerwell its safe to say that brody jenner doesn’t approve.
maybe he does.
so what he does/doesn’t approve of?
his under-aged sister kylie and her alleged relations with a grown ass tyga.
how do we know?
he posted a very strange picture on his instagram that had the forests talking…
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