Always Remember: We Have “A Seat At The Table” (Solange)

solange-a-seat-at-the-table-book-1475087745-compressedit looks like the knowles vixens are woke.
so i love solange.
i have always admired her fearless attitude,
but i have always been a huge fan of her music.
star fox and i kilt “sol-angel and the hadley st. dreams”.
every time she releases an album,
i relate to whatever she is going through.
i have all of her albums,
including that first one,
“solo star” where she was something she wasn’t.
like most siblings who live in the shadow of “the golden cub”,
they tend to be more “aware” with their rebellion.
solange is that to me.
so she released her album yesterday,
“a seat at the table”,

solange_coveri am blown away at this project!
she dropped this album at the right time.
with this looming election coming up,
and all of our tribe getting murdered so senselessly,
she decided to highlight “black power” this era.
the good and bad.
the beautiful and the ugly.
 “don’t touch my hair” and “f.u.b.u”>>>>
the interludes>>>>
i don’t have a favorite song because i love then all.
some songs come off like “relationship woes”,
but as you listen carefully,
you can tell their is an underlying double entendre within them.
i urge the foxhole “seat at the table” out.
i’ll move marina and the diamonds to the side for a while.
solange is going to stick around for a while.

lowkey: i hope she can at least get nominated for this album.
i hope it can also stir the creativity in other artists.
too much fuckin when we as a people getting fucked.

listen to “a seat at the table”:

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x check out the rest of solange tweets about “seat at the table”

Author: jamari fox

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17 thoughts on “Always Remember: We Have “A Seat At The Table” (Solange)

  1. I knew you going to do a post about this ablum on and I’m so happy. I have been a long time fan of solange for years I used to have to always point out her music to people who didn’t know it or explain it she was just as creative (if not more) than her sister.

    I love this album I listened to it on my way to work yesterday and it really helped me throught the entire day. The vibe of it is so peaceful and restorative over the soul. Plus u like Frank oceans album it was easy to follow and understand it didn’t take me a couple lessons to get into this musically like his did (still thinks he’s great tho).

    between the music and the images she released for this album I’m just blown away.

    1. ^i completely agree!!!
      she better get an award for this amazing piece of work.
      she really put her foot into this one.

      the album made me feel peaceful as well.
      there was a calmness to it.
      plus I loved trying to figure out the lyrics.

  2. Surprised you didn’t make a post about what happened to her. She took the kids to a concert with her husband and a snow vixen had the nerve to tell them not to dance then threw some fruit at her. She made a post about it that was so beautiful and powerful

    1. ^damn I missed that one.
      threw fruit?
      at solange?
      do they know who she is????
      im surprised she didn’t turn that whole shit up.
      you know solange ain’t about the nonsense…

      1. I thought she would have snapped too. You know she’s woke though: she set the whole vibe for the story, they were some of the few African Americans there and she explained how they were treated differently. She wasn’t about to let the vixen ruin their night and get the reaction she wanted.

  3. OMG, it has always been something about Solange that I liked, of course you will never get your propers when you happen to be the sister to the biggest Pop Star on the Planet. I previewed this album on I-Tunes yesterday and without a doubt this has been the best album I have heard all year. I was blown away as well, I am like Solange did not come to play with you Pop and R&B heuxs today. The whole album from beginning to end is good it is rare that you can find an album that you can listen to all the way thru without skipping any tracks, but this albums delivers. 10’s across the board for this project. Easily this should sweep all the music awards but I will wait and see about the politics of the music industry and how they are going to pit her against her sister. This album will be only a handful from this era that will stand the test of time. Thank God she is able to be different and does not have to follow the normal cookie cutter R&B female route. Gold Star for you Solange.

    1. ^and see this is why i like her.
      her name is solange and she represents herself and her music that way.
      you never hear other influences that would make you say:

      “Well this reminds me of…”

      she found her lane and is comfortable there.

  4. Look Solange is definitely one of a kind.

    She’s not playing deep like others. She has a creative soul.

    I love the duality of her and her sister. Like two different spectrums but the same attention to detail and perfectionist attitude.

  5. Love this album so far! Master P and Mama Tina were giving me life in the interludes lol. She’s so creative and I hope she gets nominated for something as well. She puts out great bodies of work.

  6. I truly did love this album, I have loved most of solos work since st Hadley, (sandcastle disco is my sunny day anthem) but this was true progression, solange is a maverick, she knows how to put style, listenability, orignality and substance into her music without being over the top like her sister or fake deep like frank ocean or weird and scary like death grips (imo) this was one of the few albums that I felt connection to my blackness in, most have been bragging about how woke
    they are in their music, most have been using their ‘wokeness’ in their music as a vehicle for social capital and their ego (Kanye, jay, Nicki) but solange truly gets it, she says what’s going on in many and few words and she truly is healing with her sounds. It’s so necessary for us right now.

  7. “Cranes in the sky” is my love life . 😭 The album is definitely a great surprise. “Losing you” from her previous ablum is still a favorite.

  8. I have listened to this album about 25 times in it’s entirety since it was released. I LOVE THIS ALBUM‼️

  9. Most definitely an album to play first thing in the morning to get your spirit in line for the day. As usual, I’m never disappointed by her music.

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