Luke Cage May Have Put His Muscular Paw In His Mouth

marvels-luke-cagei was so bored watching “jessica jones”.
everyone loved it and i was like “yawn”.
i wasn’t bored with the only 2-3 episodes i watched with the big black wolf.
his name was luke cage.
jessica and luke’s sex scenes>>>>>
well luke cage’s show made it’s debut on netflix today.
i hope it’s not boring and full of amazing sex scenes.
well mike colter,
who plays luke cage,
had an interview with “the breakfast club” on power 105.1 that everyone is talking about.
he said potus only got elected because he is biracial…
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When Stanning Goes Left… and Nearly Gets Your Tail Beat

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 9.58.30 PMi didn’t know drake’s stans were this brave.
i always imagined they were in their feelz most of the time.
well as you know,
drake and joe budden have beef.
well joe budden has beef.
drake was minding his own when joey came after him.
well drake’s stans decided to go after joey outside his crib.
“the right one” is all ima say.
this happened sent in by a f-bi via power 105.1
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The Thing About August Alsina

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 9.13.18 AMya know…
i really like august alsina.
not so much,
but i do like the animal that is august.
i can relate to him on many levels.
unlike other singers,
he is transparent and honest about who he is.
its hard for people to process when someone lays their demons out there.
we are so use to being lied to with a facade of perfection,
everything else is “wrong” or “too emotional”.
especially in the black community.
forget it with the gays.
we are taught to suck dick as many dicks as we can before time is up.
well one of my f-bi sent me an interview with august on the breakfast club.
it was pretty interesting…
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Amber Rose Put Them Barrels In Khloe Kardashian Mouf

amberrosekhloefightwell this happened an hour ago…
so khloe kardashain and amber rose decided to go at it on twitter.
girl fight?
you be the judge.
amber said that tyga should be ashamed of allegedly dating an under aged kylie.
kylie is seventeen years old.
tyga is her friend,
black chyna’s,
baby daddy.
(remember when black chyna was running around with the kardashians?
was that a set up knowing he was allegedly trying to get with kylie?)
so it was from this interview on “the breakfast club” ( @ 27:12  ) :

i personally don’t think she said anything disrespectful.
i mean we all thinking it.
anyway khloe found out and came to her sister’s honor.
this is khloe’s clap back tweets…
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Don’t Expect Kevin Hart To Play “Gay” Anytime Ever

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 9.51.15 PMkevin hart wants to be taken as a serious comedic actor.
that’s right!
so he will play pretty much anything.
well wait…
except one thing.
he refuses to play gay.
this is what he told power105.1
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Necole Bitchie Gets The Tables Turned On Her

necole-bitchie-2_0_0_0x0_480x720first and foremost,
before i get into entry,
i have to thank synthya marshawna for the heads up on this.
i respect all my blogging peers who are making a legit career out this grind.
i don’t care about the drama and the broadband beef.
im only interested in what you bring to the table and how you can inspire me.
someone who wants to turn nothing into something.
that being said,
so ive always respected necole bitchie.
so when i found out she had an interview in power 105.1 today,
i had to check it out…
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