Necole Bitchie Gets The Tables Turned On Her

necole-bitchie-2_0_0_0x0_480x720first and foremost,
before i get into entry,
i have to thank synthya marshawna for the heads up on this.
i respect all my blogging peers who are making a legit career out this grind.
i don’t care about the drama and the broadband beef.
im only interested in what you bring to the table and how you can inspire me.
someone who wants to turn nothing into something.
that being said,
so ive always respected necole bitchie.
so when i found out she had an interview in power 105.1 today,
i had to check it out…

2dmnbbgood interview.
it actually boosted me up a level.
i feel like she is my blogging spirit animal.
hell i felt her on that being broke,
and keeping the site up to date struggle.
i feels ya nb.
i often asked myself where do i fit in within this blogging world?
im not really a full time anything.
celeb gossip.
lifestyle stuff.
fine wolves all day and every day.
i just write.
writing about whatever interests me or is absolutely ridiculous.
i just add my twist to it and stamp “jamari was here” on it.
hopefully inspiring someone’s life in the process.
being real and not kissing anyone’s ass.
“if i can’t be real then i can’t be with you.”
thank you necole for opening the doors for black bloggers to have a voice.
keep inspiring!

4 thoughts on “Necole Bitchie Gets The Tables Turned On Her

  1. It must’ve been difficult with those potential lawsuits. I wonder how much that really threw her for. I will say it is something when u have beyonce n jay beat down your door suing u.

  2. Good interview. It’s fun to watch something that was supposed to be small turn into something so big and great.

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