The Thing About August Alsina

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 9.13.18 AMya know…
i really like august alsina.
not so much,
but i do like the animal that is august.
i can relate to him on many levels.
unlike other singers,
he is transparent and honest about who he is.
its hard for people to process when someone lays their demons out there.
we are so use to being lied to with a facade of perfection,
everything else is “wrong” or “too emotional”.
especially in the black community.
forget it with the gays.
we are taught to suck dick as many dicks as we can before time is up.
well one of my f-bi sent me an interview with august on the breakfast club.
it was pretty interesting…

tumblr_mb768dVKBR1qmfh3w“its not that sit down and try to be depressed.
life is real…”

i feels him.
i feels him heavy.
people be out here acting like you can’t have no problems.
your feelings don’t matter.
i actually cried a little after @26:37 especially after the “killing himself” silence.charlemagne killed me.
talking about not killing yourself…
…because there is “a lot of pussy out here”.

tumblr_mb765zIJZ01qmfh3wthis why its a struggle to talk to people.
killing yourself has nothing to do with sex or buying a car.
those are just temporary highs.
when you go after it,
that is the thrill.
once you get it and play with it for a while,
then that “feeling” is gone.
so whats next?
chasing every “high” to make you feel better?
is this why gays are always on jack’d after a hook up the night before?
sounds like hell to me.

its comforting to know someone else is dealing out here.
i do it in the foxhole.
as scared as i am before pressing “publish”,
i try to be as transparent as i can.
i look forward to reading the comments because they help.
i refuse to bottle things up and then explode with something i can’t control.
so i’ll allow august alsina and everything he stands for.
i’ll be picking up his album,
“the thing about life”,
as soon as its released.

lowkey: i want people to have more compassion.
not everyone needs to be “shade”.
sometimes people just want you to really listen to them.
i know i do.
some of the gays can stand to learning to be a friend.

no one is perfect and you aren’t either.


8 thoughts on “The Thing About August Alsina

  1. August is okay i feel he’s overrated though….i admire his honesty but overall i feel he’s a typical R&B singer, sings about pussy, getting high, getting drunk and running in the streets…*yawn* it’s an old story that’s been embedded in our heads so much by so many artists in our community that it’s almost deemed ‘cool’ these days but idk…Charlamagne is an ass, and a punk he wasn’t popping fly when those guys were about to trash his ass, he ran then lol

  2. Yea, this was an emotional interview and so real. People have to realize that artists and other famous people go through the same shit the average person does.

    I love August man, he’s one of the realist artist out there.

  3. I feel like Charlemagne first reaction is to make light of a situation instead of taking a real perspective to the public and be human in that immediate instant. Potentially it’s from his days working with Wendy Williams

    All I know is that this made me like or love August more. He owns up to all of his shit and seems incredibly real and honest. He’s someone that should have a larger focus put on him in industry and musically.

  4. Charlemagne has issues. He covers it up by trying to be funny…but it comes off making him look like an asshole. Never cared for the dude.

  5. Charlemagne is a asshole .Yesterday a guy called in during the “Why you mad” segment.He said he is mad because his best friend killed himself the day before.He said more attention needs to be paid to mental health issues.Envy and Angela offered their condolences.Charlemagne said ,”how did he die?” The guy said his best friend jumped off their balcony to his death.Charlemagne said you should have had a parachute in the apartment.DJ Envy responded, if his friend was determined to kill himself obviously he would not have put on a parachute.Charlemagne chuckled and said,”Yeah you right”.

    This not taking mental health issues like depression seriously is a reason people are not getting help and not asking for help. Just like they say diabetes is no joke,depression is no joke.

    1. ^wow…

      i usually like c the god,
      but his response was a little fucked up.
      depression definitely is no joke.
      its a joke in the black community tho…

    2. You know what the irony is? Charlemagne bleached his skin. So clearly he suffer some type of mental illness it like the kettle call the pot black.

      1. He did lighten his skin, but he had an uneven skin tone. Google pics of him and you will see it. His skin used to be horrible. Under his eyes and his cheeks were darker than the rest of his face, he should be excused in my opinion. He talked about it in an interview with VLADTV as well.

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