It’s Because of You (Yeah, You)

tumblr_nihqohsbNu1ryyf69o1_1280i want to thank you…

your intelligence is always so inspiring to me.
i’m always amazed when reading your comments.
hell even when you are dragging me down “pull it together” blvd,
its never really insulting.
well if it is,
i don’t get insulted.
i am always open to constructive criticism.
thats how you learn and grow.

as of late,
the comments in the foxhole have been ripe for the pickin’.
karaoke told me whenever she stops by my site,
she heads right into the comment section.
she is always impressed by you.
so imagine what lurkers from all over the world are saying?

giphyi just want to thank you personally for all that you do.
i’m glad i didn’t stop blogging when i was at my lowest.

love ya,

lowkey: karaoke said my blog is “nsfw”.
is it?
she says she has to read it at home or “incognito” mode.
i hope thats not a bad thing.
i do love the “sneaking around” aspect tho.

brain image: alphawham

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “It’s Because of You (Yeah, You)”

  1. Your welcome Jamari I love this blog like I said before this is the only blog I read daily. I also agree with Karaoke I have to read it at home lol your writing and stories are always thought provoking and on point. Keep up the good point and don’t stop blogging once you finish your book I’m buying a copy. SN now thst winter will be here next month can you do a clothing entry and I also miss your sex stories entries.😝

  2. I know it’s not me this entry is talking to. I get way too into my emotions. I’m just now learning how to calm down and not take life so seriously. I always wish I could be as witty and intelligent as you and the other fox-holers.

    Of course your blog is nsfw. Both entries featuring Milan Christopher are on the side bar right now. One of him with his dick out and the other of him getting dug out…

    I ain’t complaining tho.

  3. Hmmm I don’t think your blog is nsfw, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to be reading your blog at work with the half naked men you post. Then again you also post full-frontal and back on here, but hey I ain’t complaining.

  4. Best blog for men who are different what ever it means to the people who love the site, gay bi trans, whom ever
    Love love love this site

  5. Mmmm 🤔 I think only certain post are NSFW otherwise than that I read it all the time at work. Love this blog keep it up

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