So This Is How President Obama Throws A Party (Thanks Usher!)

tumblr_mbiab14isg1qji14so1_1280it’s always that one pineapple who doesn’t follow the rules.
so president obama term is about to be up.
what do you do?
you throw a farewell party with all your people you met over the years.
well the rules was:

“What Happens in the White House After Hours Stays in the White House”

that meant no filming or picture taking.
obviously usher didn’t follow those rules.
he filmed obama turnt up and put it on his social media.
a vix-bi sent me the footage via the shade room

giphyobama is lit!!!!
shirt was un done and he was gettin it.
i’m not even mad.
i know he is ready to be outta there.
i would be turnt up as well to sleep in and not have the entire country on my thing you can say about obama that he was cool as fuck.
i can’t say the the same for the two trying to take his place.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “So This Is How President Obama Throws A Party (Thanks Usher!)

  1. Ha! Look at Janelle. Love her. But what’s up with ppl that have to film everything. Its like they have to hit record or they think ppl wont believe they were there. Just enjoy the moment!

  2. I have mixed emotions about this video because they were told no cameras.It’s cool seeing the President having fun but I still think it’s an invasion of privacy.Also if a newbie had filmed him,someone who had never been the White House or met him I would give them a pass.But Usher has been in show business 20 years,he has been to the White House so why is he acting “New”.
    This video is not just another reminder that in January,President Hillary Clinton or President Donald Trump will be moving in to the White House😢

    1. i can foresee a small hiss fit by the self-righteous brigade, mostly whipipo from the extreme right . Usher should have just chilled on that one!

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