Prep To Fail?: The Rise of The STDS Dominates The Charts

prep_650x365i’ve been curious about this “prep” situation.
so it’s a pill you take,
before engaging in sex,
that will stop you from catching hiv?
i guess this pill is one of the reasons everyone is going ham.
everyone is banging each other raw because of this pill now.
hell it’s the opening statement for most:

“I’m on prep and I’m safe.
Can I fuck you insanely stupid raw?

well allegedly,
it didn’t work for one male because he ended up catching hiv.
a vix-bi sent me the story via buzzfeed

A second man taking the daily HIV-prevention pill Truvada has been infected by a rare drug-resistant strain of the virus.

The results were presented by Cleveland Clinic HIV specialist Howard Grossman, who unveiled the finding at the 2016 HIV Research for Prevention conference in Chicago on Tuesday.

The patient, who is not releasing his name or age to protect his privacy, is a gay man who had been taking the drug daily since January 2016. Hair and blood tests confirmed that he had the appropriate blood levels of the pill’s two drugs — tenofovir and emtricitabine — to offer the nearly 99% protection it offers from the virus when taken daily.

The patient’s long-term partner is HIV-positive but on treatment, with an undetectable viral load in his body. On two occasions and with two separate people, however, the couple had condomless sex with a third person.

Grossman found that the patient’s strain of HIV was resistant to both of the drugs in Truvada, as well as all of the other drugs in its class, which work by blocking one of the enzymes needed by the virus to reproduce. The new strain did not match his partner’s, meaning that the multi-drug-resistant virus must have been transmitted during one of the two sexual encounters.

The man, who is now HIV-positive, is on a mixture of antiretroviral drugs and has his infection under control, Grossman said.

The first documented case of a person on daily Truvada being infected with the virus was announced in February. For now, experts suggest that the cases should not be cause for alarm.

“We know PrEP is not 100% effective, and that’s something we need to be saying loudly and clearly,” Mitchell Warren, executive director of AVAC, a global HIV-prevention advocacy group in New York City, told BuzzFeed News. “No prevention method — other than abstinence — is.”

But while the risk exists, it needs to be weighed against the pill’s well-demonstrated benefits, Warren said. “We have now seen hundreds of thousands of people on oral PrEP, and we’ve only seen two cases of so-called breakthrough infections.”

Instead, Warren urged that we need better surveillance to track and identify the prevalence of drug-resistant strains of the virus. “This is a virus that’s been around for 35 years — it’s so variable and mutates so rapidly — and that’s one of the biggest challenges for developing any prevention.”

Grossman agreed that the new case should not cause those taking or considering taking PrEP to reconsider using the drug out of fear.

“Truthfully, PrEP is the best intervention we’ve ever had to prevent HIV,” he said. “I don’t think we’re going to see some huge explosion of failures. I think it’s going to be a sort of trickle, if anything.”


even with prep,
i’d still use a condom.
nothing is 100% safe.
sad it had to happen to him tho.
regardless of being on prep or not,
there has been a rise in other sexually transmitted diseases.
according to msn:

More cases of sexually transmitted diseases were reported last year than ever before, federal officials said Wednesday — just as state and local health departments that could help fight them lose funding.

More than 1.5 million people were reported with chlamydia, the most common sexually transmitted disease (STD), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported.

The CDC recorded nearly 400,000 cases of gonorrhea and nearly 24,000 cases of syphilis.

“The STD epidemic is getting worse in the United States and, in fact, is at its highest levels yet,” said Dr. Jonathan Mermin, director of CDC’s National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention.

The CDC reported a record year for STDs in 2014, also, but the trend is worsening, Mermin told NBC News.

“Last year was the first year that we saw increases but those increases are actually continuing and at a higher rate,” Mermin said.

The new numbers translate to a 19 percent increase in syphilis cases, a 13 percent rise in gonorrhea and a 6 percent increase in chlamydia, Mermin said.

While some of the new numbers may be due to better reporting of cases, most of the rise appears to be a real increase in new infections, he said.

“There is no evidence that talking about sexually transmitted disease prevention increases sexual activity.”

Gay and bisexual men account for many of the new cases, and the biggest numbers are among young adults, especially those in their late teens and early 20s. “Half of all STDs occur in youth under age 20,” Mermin said.

Part of the increase may be due to better treatment for HIV, which may make people believe — usually wrongly — they do not need to use condoms. CDC officials say.

At the same time, state and local health departments are losing funding.

“That is correlated with an eroding infrastructure for sexually transmitted disease clinics,” Mermin said. “In 2012 alone, half of state public health programs had to close some of those clinics.”

That means young people most vulnerable to new infection have fewer places to go for help, advice, testing and treatment, he said.

All three infections can be cured with antibiotics, but people often don’t even know they are infected. In the early stages none of them cause obvious symptoms.

Mermin said talking openly about STDs can help. “Parents and providers and teachers can provide young people with safe and effective ways to prevent STDs,” he said. “Good sex education prevents STDs.”

And Mermin has a ready answer for people who fear talking about sex might create an expectation among youths that they should be having sex.

“There is no evidence that talking about sexually transmitted disease prevention increases sexual activity,” he said.

“The dating apps can also be vectors of prevention by increasing the amount of prevention information that people can see and also by linking people to STD and HIV testing.”

tumblr_lnwjru3tmk1qb4c71i loathe that gays and bisexuals are the new cases.
it’s like God is trying not to make me get smashed again.
it’s way too much risky behavior nowadays.

sex apps are easy ways to get off without getting to know someone.
hoes of all kinds are on the same level as role models
music is enforcing more hook ups instead of dating
reality shows are the guides for everyday relationships

even worse,
the amount of those disgusted you don’t fuck raw is bafflin’ to me.
i refuse.
if they likes it then i loves it.

articles taken: buzzfeed | msn

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Prep To Fail?: The Rise of The STDS Dominates The Charts”

  1. Lord knows I’m sexually active. Read my blog. But it astounds me how many educated, professional men I know who are doing raw sex. Some of them excuse it, saying “I’m on Prep.”

    I don’t care. I use condoms for everything. I’ve even gotten to the point of wearing condoms if someone wants to perform oral sex on me. And I’m on Prep too since my doctor knows I’m sexually active and thinks it’s a good precaution.

    Why do I still wear condoms? Syphilis is on the rise and gonorrhea too. Syphilis is pretty easy to get rid of but gonorrhea is becoming resistant to some drugs. So why take the risk.

    If someone asks me to have sex raw I say No. If they don’t want to have sex without condoms I pass them by. Because that just proves to me you don’t care about your health and you sure as fuck don’t care about mine.

    My advice to everyone — have sex. It’s enjoyable and a great stress reliever and social activity. But if you do it be safe at all times. Use those condoms. Get on Prep which will help you in case condoms break or you get caught up in the emotions and do raw anyway.

    And finally avoid drugs, which I am seeing more and more in this world. Methamphetamines make people do risky things they would never do sober. Don’t fall down that slippery slope!

    Have a great day and Jamari thanks for posting this very informative and needed blog post!


    P.S. Oh and Jamari don’t worry about your job situation. Things will work out. God might be closing a door but he is opening some windows for you too!

  2. You have to always protect yourself to the fullest extent, nothing is 100% effective, meaning that even if you are on prep, it is still best to use a condom. Yes, I know condoms are not always effective either. However, by using prep and condoms, more than likely if one fails, you still have a safety net in either one or the other that will likely be effective.

  3. I was alway skeptical about this drug, and there being loop holes. I’m alway apprehensive when hooking up with forbidden fruits that looks to good to be true. Well god bless my intuition and I have a reason why. This is just the surface of what to cum. I don’t use Truvada since my insurance won’t let me, well theres no need to stress about it. The day I do meet that special someone I will omit a condom and use the drug for certain ocassions.

  4. A friend and I were discussing that many in this generation don’t get physicals to see how they’re doing (outside of std screening), many aren’t educated on std prevention as they once were in school and lastly so many idiots are acting as if Prep is some miracle drug that gives them a license to live carelessly. Regardless of sexual orientation we must make better decisions to live healthier and safer.

  5. Nothing but abstinence is 100 percent effective to prevent contracting HIV or any STD.There are probably 50,000 people using PReP,so far two have contracted a rare strain.It’s rare but you can contract HIV and other STDs using a condom.It’s about minimizing risk.I always use condoms to minimize my risk of contracting STDs and preventing pregnancy.

    Also PReP is not going to protect you from Hepatitis,Herpes and other STDs

    There is no safe sex only safer sex.Oh I guess masturbation is safe sex😀

  6. Thanks for posting this. I literally had just read about this via str8upgayporn. My understanding of PrEP is that is basically the same drug(s) you take if you are hiv+. If thats true it seems those on PrEP would experience the same side effects of those on hiv meds? What worries me are the long term side effects, which have shown to be liver damage and certain cancers.

      1. No there are two versions. PrEP was relatively recently developed for ppl who had partners with HIV. The drug for those who have HIV is PEP so you can see how they are easily confused. The problem comes with the fact that many ppl believe that if they are on PrEP that they are not going to contract HIV, which couldn’t wrong especially once you introduce multiple partners who may have different strains. And like Y Colette said it won’t prevent these other STDs. Anyone administering PEP or PrEP would tell you that it won’t 100% prevent contraction and works best with other forms of safe sex but that don’t mean these pineapples ain’t out here thinking that they can do whatever and they’re protected, then want to blame the makers for their blatantly risky behavior.

        But you hit on another point that I’ve seen a lot of recently that baffles the hell out of me. The Number of folks who are completely against condoms and protection of any kind startles me. In everything from online dating to porn theyll sit there and be like ” just get on PrEP and stop with this condom BS” which is reckless and irresponsible behavior as well as dangerous because those drugs are expensive and in the case that you do contract HIV you’ll have to be on those drugs for life. And apparently now the porn industry is giving in to the demand for more bareback scenes. Personally I think it’s going to get a lot worse despite the promising research we have going into solutions.

  7. I love how you broke down the causes that are now influencing this behavior. It’s like we’re being herded into sickness.

    That Prep shit is false security to me. It reminds me in a way of like male birth control. For me, I wouldn’t fuck anyone on Prep because in my mind, You have it or in danger of having it, or you’re lying about being on it. Now I would date a man living with HIV, but this Prep stuff has me apprehensive about messing around in general.

    1. ^its pretty obvious how they are trying to make us fuck each other to death.
      if you aren’t,
      or not doing anything risky,
      folks are looking at you like you’re a alien.

      you are onto something with this prep movement.

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