Who Knew Starbucks Would Get Me In The Mood?

even though i don’t really do starbucks as much,
i’ll find something to order just to stand in line for this wolf…



i’ll take him to go.

lowkey: don’t you hate when someone fine works at a store/resturant,
and you always go just to see them,
but they not there that one day/left the job and your whole day is a mess?

11 thoughts on “Who Knew Starbucks Would Get Me In The Mood?

  1. He’s def a cutie.

    Quick story time: I used to have a crush on this wolf that worked at Urban Outfitters. I would go with my female friend so we can start up small talk with him just so I could build a repoire with him. The day I decided to go alone and actually flirt with him I found out from one of the girls working there he quit to focus on school more. 😭😭

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