It’s Sexy To Be A Hole Banging, Emotionally Pit less, Money Loving Volcano


i have always been an open book when it came to my emotions.
i know it’s not the “manly” thing to do,
but i’d rather others know what’s bothering me than bottling it up.
with that being said,
i often asked myself:

Are males supposed to be emotional?

it’s like we’re supposed to lie in order to be considered a “man”.
the almighty male!
the one who bangs a lot of holes and wears designer clothes!
hear us roar!
well that won’t be me.
judging from how the foxhole has been my “emotional journey” since ’09,
i guess many relate in some way or another.
thank you to those who continue not to judge me since then.
i saw a quote from viola davis the other day that represents me.
as you know,
viola is one of my favorite actresses.
this is a quick quote on what she told essence via the root

“Everything is about not letting anyone see you sweat, not owning up to your vulnerability or your weaknesses or your failures. I don’t think that you can live a life for two minutes and say that you’ve never failed or you’re not struggling through something or you’re not getting ready to. If you’re saying that, then you’re 100 percent lying and the people who are looking up to you who are struggling; you’re not helping them,” Davis said.


it’s crazy,
i get so many foxholers privately telling me how my struggles have helped them.
even though i have been “dragged” for making mistakes,
some bigger than others,
i don’t ever feel bad about it.
i look forward to criticism because it can help me make better choices.
i refuse to live a life where i have to be a volcano.
you know those types.
as soon as the right thing that ticks me off then:

tumblr_nbi4pvuw6v1tchrkco1_500work wolf is the perfect example of that.
it’s a shame that masculinity has to be that.
looking back,
his and others i’ve met,
have this twisted “i fuck a lot hoes/no emotions” notion to being a male.
it’s okay to let your fur down.
it’s also okay to be emo.
we all have struggles.
you’re struggling with something right now.
so am i.
social media is a great tool for creating a false image of males.
it’s okay for a male to cry and be a hot fuckin’ mess.

i know i won’t judge you.

quote taken: the root

10 thoughts on “It’s Sexy To Be A Hole Banging, Emotionally Pit less, Money Loving Volcano

  1. I cried for about a week last week. I needed it. It was the only way for me to move on from a heartbreak. A career heartbreak. I mourned the life I could of had. Now Im motivated and working on a new career path. Dealing with emotions and working through them are the only way to grown and become a better person. People who go around the world numb won’t learn the tools they need to grow. Until you break down, that is the only way to rebuild yourself.

  2. Preach. I cry alot and i don’t care. if it hurts boy it hurts. If you broke my heart i will let you know you broke my heart. That doesn’t mean i’m weak or i’m gonna die. No, i’m gonna be fine, but right now i’m not and that’s normal. it’s ok to be down sometimes.

  3. Real talk this post is coming at such a good time in my life. I was just starting to question my emotions and if I should express them in such a way that would of be deemed as unmanly.

    No one has a problem with men expressing happiness or anger but when it come to sadness or hurt we’re told to bottle it up and keep it moving.

    1. ^i’ll tell you a quick story…

      there was an old snow wolf who suddenly took ill at work.
      the ambulance had to come into the office to get him.
      i felt sad because he looked like he was legit dying.
      work wolf gonna say:

      “you don’t know him.
      why are you feeling sad for someone you don’t know?
      you too emotional.”

      that wasn’t the point at all.
      i felt compassion for a stranger.
      yet when he told me he cheated up and down on his past x,
      and she finally left his azz by completely vanishing from his life,
      he told me how it fucked him up to the point he was in shambles trying to get her back.
      thats when he had some kind of emotion.

      males are weird.

      1. He’s the weird one not you, there’s nothing wrong with showing compassion. I swear most of these pineapples don’t know what that is if it doesn’t involve pussy on the other end.

      2. I realized that one time when I was talking to a co-worker. He said that when his mom passed away he didn’t want to show any emotion because dudes ain’t supposed to do that. I looked at him and said, so your mom isn’t worthy of you crying because she’s no longer here? He looked at me like I was crazy. Someone I care about passes away…I’m gonna cry and show emotion. I did it with my father, grandparents, cousins, and nephew. Don’t care who saw the tears flowing. They don’t pay my bills or take care of me, so their opinion really doesn’t matter. I think NOT showing emotion is a sign of weakness.

        1. ^its ALWAYS the most insecure throwing their masculinity all over the place.
          im starting to think so about overly feminine too.
          they also get in their feelings when you don’t accept them.
          like their overt feminine ways determine their sexuality and proudness.

  4. Wow. This kinda reminds me of this photographer that I follow on IG. He’s working on a project called “Masculinity Is A Prison.” This is a subject that never gets talked about, but it’s the cause of many of our problems.

    1. ^and masculinity is not how you act.
      there are some very masculine males who act like girls.
      kissing and telling is a feminine trait.
      there are also some feminine males who are super aggressive.

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