Dear John (No Last Name or IG Profile)



“hi john.”

so john is the next contestant in the “no one is toppin’ donny savage”.
there is a joke there…
well i don’t know how marvin bienaime finds these random wolves,
but it seems he has a stable of them that can’t top donny savage’s success.
john is a nice piece tho…


…yeah so where can i see more of john?
he is exactly my type facial and bawdy wise.
he is fine as hell.
does marvin own a photo studio,
a legit male modeling agency,

or does he show off fine wolves for everyone to masturbate to?


besides donny savage,
no one else seems to pop from his agency.
whats the situation there?

lowkey: it also seems those that he promotes heavy are no more after a while.

photos credited: marvin bienaime

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Dear John (No Last Name or IG Profile)”

  1. Marvin is a gay Haitian dude who loves what 99.9% of the gay male population loves: MUSCULAR STRAIGHT MEN! He also happens to be an excellent photographer, so he stalks Instagram (he used to stalk the Model Mayhem website) looking for hot guys, then slips into their DMs, then dangles his terrific photography and the “success” of former “clients” in front of the hot guys to entice them to come to Miami so he can shoot them and make them “famous.” Before the hot guys agree to come to Miami to shoot with him, he damn near BEGS them to send him nude cell phone images so he can “be sure” their Instagram photos are not doctored up. MANY hot guys he contacts tell him to go to hell, but those who don’t, wound up being photographed and touted on his Instagram page! Just like Tyler Perry, Marvin Bienaime has an EXCELLENT eye when it comes to HOT GUYS!

    1. ^😳😳!!

      and there you have it.
      all this time,
      i thought he was straight.
      so the ones he takes off his page from getting promo obviously did something he didn’t like?

      1. I suspect when the guys he photographs realize there’s no MONEY comin’ in, and only ENDLESS requests to be nude in front of him, they move on. Luckily for Marvin, though, there are ALWAYS a HUNDRED other hot guys waiting around the corner for their chance at possible “fame & fortune.”

  2. First time posting. Really appreciate this site. I have been trying to figure out what happened between him and Royalelite_fit. One minute he was promoting him and within a few days his images were removed

    1. ^thanks for posting mika!

      you are my foxhole because that was on my mind as well.
      he use to go hard for royal g.
      that ended quick.

      so he pays for these flights?
      just to see some raw meat?
      and getting no pipe?
      sounds like hustling backwards.

      1. Something is suspicious about that, J. I hope these kats read their contracts with him, if he had them sign one…because I’m thinking he’s getting fees on the back end. Something along the lines of a “finder’s fee”. That may be why Royale cut ties…but did Joshua leave as well?

  3. Glad I found this page, I needed to do some research on this photographer. He contacted me recently and he is very unprofessional even after giving him some credit on his skills and showing him appreciation this guy spoke to me in a rude way upon denying a nude request

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