When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Paralyzed

Kafani+Magnum+Live+Large+Project+7WNKFJke79Hlwell this is a sad update to this situation.
i remembered when i spoke about bay area rapper kafani a while back.
you remember him.
he was ( x outed ) by his ex girlfriend,
or someone spiteful.
well usually after that,
we hope for a #comeback story.
yeah not so much.
a vix-bi updated me today and he was shot and may end up paralyzed…

Kafani may never walk again after being shot five times last Saturday (Sept. 28). The rapper, born Amir Ashad, remains hospitalized under critical condition and it is unclear if he will have “full mobility because of the spinal injures,” reports 24hourhiphop.com.

Authorities have not yet identified the person who allegedly hit the Bay Area rhymer in the chest and spine during a late-night video shoot. Doctors have been working to save the 33-year-old’s life, pumping “as much blood as possible.” He underwent more than one surgery and is likely to survive.

Beef is said to be at the center of the weekend violence. At the time of the shooting, Kafani was reportedly recording a video response to Philthy Rich’s “Swear to God” diss in his rumored rival’s neighborhood.

Police haven’t named Rich as a suspect. He hasn’t directly addressed Kafani’s shooting or reported injuries but retweeted the comment “anything @Kafani rapping about I refuse to take him serious,” the day of the incident.

tumblr_mhns8w58cy1qerfb9o2_500that is so crazy!
i don’t even know what to say.
makes you question god having your back,
but then you also have to question the person.
either way,
maybe bad things happen to humble you or prepare your for something greater.
i hope he pulls through and expect a miracle.

story source: bet

his twitter: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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