rip to kim porter (2018 claims yet another)

in shocking “WTF” news,
2018 still ain’t letting it’s foot up off our necks!!
diddy’s baby(s) mom and on/off,
kim porter,
has passed away.
i’m in absolute shock right now getting an alert from “tmz”
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foxhole, please send your condolences to ycolette

my longtime supporters who have been down for me since the beginning are major key.
ya’ll don’t know how grateful i am to have you on this journey.
you’ve stuck with me with the good,
as well as the bad.
i want to send my love and light to ycolette today…

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Everyone Say Goodbye to Tzar

c76cff95c21a07088dcdb87a9008970aspeaking of odell beckham jr,
he lost someone very close to him today.
his dog tzar,
who he often referred to as his “son”.
i hope ^that is the right picture of tzar.
this is what he had to say on his twitter
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King B Has Passed Away

so an f-bi sent me a sad f0xmail to report to the foxhole.
king b,
a stripper/porn star,
has passed away.
the cause of death is unknown right now.
the sad part is he was allegedly jobless and homeless when he died.
my f-bi told me he was wrapped up in the fast life,
and knew/fucked a lot of people,
but how does one die practically broke with no help?
hell he didn’t know anyone at the studios he worked?

may he RIP.

lowkey: if anyone has anymore info,
please don’t hesitate to post in the comments.

photo credited: next door ebony

Rest In Paradise To The Great, Nelson Mandela

mandela3rip nelson mandela.
(1918 – 2013)
he fought a good fight,
but now he’s at peace.
i’m not as sad at his death since it wasn’t a tragic end.
he was older and you have to expect it was coming.
he did good while he was on this earth,
changed the world,
became the first black president of south africa,
and is cemented within the history books.
for that i pay my respects.
the coming generations will learn about this great man who fought for what he believed in.
i’d say he had a good run,
don’t you?

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So Will The Father of Adrian Peterson Son Please Stand Up?

NFL: Minnesota Vikings-Training Campthis whole thing has now gotten very messy.
adrian peterson’s secret lust child succumbed to his injuries yesterday.
a very whatever calm adrian addressed the media,
as well as twitter where he put to the rest the rumors of it being adrian jr:

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 7.02.21 PMseriously everyone.
please stop posting pictures of his claimed kid by his fiance.
another wolf who claims he was the real father of the slain cub went off on facebook…

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