foxhole, please send your condolences to ycolette

my longtime supporters who have been down for me since the beginning are major key.
ya’ll don’t know how grateful i am to have you on this journey.
you’ve stuck with me with the good,
as well as the bad.
i want to send my love and light to ycolette today…

her father passed away this morning.
going through my own loss triggered me when she delivered the news.
it really sucks when this happens around major holidays too.

as i told you this morning,
nothing i can font will change this outcome.
when someone leaves this earth,
they truly never leave tho.
the unforgettable memories are what we’ll always keep with us.
they’ll continue to live within our hearts and minds.
i like to think they stay with us as guardian angels in our backgrounds.
please accept my most heartfelt condolences for your loss.
may God embrace you and your family in comfort during this difficult time.

love always,

17 thoughts on “foxhole, please send your condolences to ycolette

  1. Y Colette, please accept my condolences on the passing of your father. I have been there. May your father rest in peace and, in time, may you find comfort in fond memories.

    1. Losing a loved one is one of those things that we can never really be prepared for, it feels like a living nightmare…My heart goes out to you Y Colette. Cancer is not easy for all parties involved. I cosign with Jamari where he said that they never really leave you. I truly believe that. Your dad is still with you and always will be. Stay strong. Lots of love. <3

  2. Praying for strength, comfort and peace to you and your family. Take time for yourself and deal with things in your own way, YC. Hope this helps even in the tiniest.

  3. Sorry for your loss YC. May God wrap his arms around you and your family during this time of bereavement. Be blessed!

  4. YCollette sending you my heartfelt condolences today, as someone who has lost both parents, I can tell you to just remember the good times and live your best life to honor their memory. I hope you will continue to grace us with your perspective here at the Foxhole. This truly feels like family here and we want you to know we are thinking about you during this time. Prayers Up.

  5. Like a Wave… CAVENAUGH (2011)

    Note: Dedicated to all of our loved ones who have made a transition. They will forever live in our hearts. As long as we remember they will always be with us. I wrote this years ago when my brother passed.

    Life is like a wave…
    It begins in the ocean and slowly makes a journey toward the shore.
    Along the way…it has stops and starts…
    Highs and lows…
    but it continues for
    A day…
    A month…
    A year…
    No matter how short or long it takes the wave…
    In between is what matters most…
    As in our lives…
    it’s not the beginning nor the end that matters most…
    But what we did,
    who we touched
    who touched us
    how much love did we give
    how much were we grateful
    were we a giver more than a taker?
    did we do more than exist?
    From sunrise to sunset,
    how warm will the shores be?
    Did we make a difference in this life?
    So be a wave not just to be a wave
    But be a wave with a purpose.
    Flowing, moving, covering,
    Learning, teaching, loving,
    For every sunrise, there is a sunset.
    For every winter, there is a spring.
    For every summer, there is a fall.
    For every raindrop, there is a puddle waiting.
    For every snowflake, there is a melting.
    For every mountain, there is a peak.
    For every foot in the sand, there is an imprint.
    For every rose, there is a petal.
    For every hug, there is a warmth.
    For every inhale, there is an exhale.
    For every right, there is a wrong.
    For every weakness, there is a strength.
    For every staircase, there are steps.
    For every mile, there is a distance.
    For every tree, there is a leaf.
    For every crop, there is a harvest.
    For every stop, there is a start.
    For every hope, there is a dream.

    1. Wonderful Poem! I feel this sums up Life’s Complex Cycle and Loss so Beautifully. Cav, you’ve got The Writer/Thinker’s Gift. Words can do many things like Heal, please keep writing and thriving. To YC, Peace is a Journey that will take your hands in this time and bring you through to The Bountiful. Light to you and yours.

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