the hate u give (well, i didn’t like that one scene…)

“Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery.”malcolm x

we know the following scenario all to well:

innocent black male is pulled over by hunters
harassed while obeying the law
killed while being black

it’s been a common theme within the news for the last couple years.
i’m tired of it and all the other racist bullshit going on.
there is another side tho.
the part we don’t get to see.
the part that even if we saw it,
some of us would still be led into protest.
on our end,
we see innocent black males getting gunned down for no reason.
i ended up seeing another side i saw while watching “the hate u give” last night…

before i start,
algee smith

that’s a nice little 5’5 appetizer right there.

so he played “khalil”,
a black male who was killed by an officer while “starr”,
played by amandla stenberg,
bear witness to it.
the theme of the movie was pretty much police brutality.
as i watched,
i noticed that he was at fault in why he was killed.
when he was initially pulled over,
he was extremely arrogant,
and prideful.
now the hunter did pull him over wrongfully,
but khalil acted so out of pocket that even starr had to tell him chill.

WHY tf are you gonna reach for a brush after he pulled you out the car?

your whole hands were supposed to be on the top of that car.
how did that hunter know he wasn’t reaching for a gun?
khalil was cocky af..

…but there is definitely a time and a place for it.
it’s that “attitude” some of us tend to have can get us killed.
we always need to know our rights and how to protect ourselves.
they have guns; we don’t.
they have protecting by the rest of the hunters; we won’t.
they want to have a reason to kill us because in the end,
it will always work out in their favor.
even tho i liked the movie,
the reason they showed why khalil was killed is up for debate.
what i took from it was what poor choices can lead to.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “the hate u give (well, i didn’t like that one scene…)”

  1. this book was terrible and i’m sure the movie is too. in what world does a black male victim of racism end up STILL being the antagonist of the story at the end. garbage.

  2. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve been told that it is a must see for the very reason Jamari said. Black folks have started doing something that is EXTREMELY unsettling in the last few years….taking on the arrogance and outright bullshit ideology exhibited by wypipo and amerikkkans for centuries, this mindset that we are guiltless and ALWAYS the victim. There is ALWAYS one extra side to EVERY story, the actual truth, uninfluenced by the biases of those involved. As humans, we will always be tempted to paint ourselves in a positive light.

    An example that happened here I Texas involved a Black female student that ultimately ended up slammed on the ground by a male of the wypipo school officer. Practically, everyone who HEARD about it was outraged. Then, the video came out. The girl refused to put her phone up after a request and then, multiple commands to do so by the teacher, so the teacher told her to leave. THAT’S when the girl decided to comply, but the teacher wasn’t having it. You don’t get to forego the punishment after it has been issued. The girl refused to leave, so the teacher called for an administrator. The girl STILL refused to leave after multiple commands from an administrator, so the administrator called for an officer, whose verbal commnds the girl ALSO ignored. When he reached for her to remove her physically, she slapped at his hand, so he snatched her ass up and slammed her on the ground.

    He ultimately lost his job as he should for excessive force, but the fact that cannot be ignored is that the girl started the sequence of events that led to her assault. All she had to do was put her fucking phone up. That is what the movie and Jamari are trying to say. Yes, there will be times in which compliance will still result in assault or death, but exacerbating the situation is never a good idea.

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