King B Has Passed Away

so an f-bi sent me a sad f0xmail to report to the foxhole.
king b,
a stripper/porn star,
has passed away.
the cause of death is unknown right now.
the sad part is he was allegedly jobless and homeless when he died.
my f-bi told me he was wrapped up in the fast life,
and knew/fucked a lot of people,
but how does one die practically broke with no help?
hell he didn’t know anyone at the studios he worked?

may he RIP.

lowkey: if anyone has anymore info,
please don’t hesitate to post in the comments.

photo credited: next door ebony

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “King B Has Passed Away”

    1. SMH ….. Incorrect! He lived in Douglasville Ga a suburb 30 miles west of Atlanta and was working at Arbor Place Mall. As of today the autopsy results have not been completed. But he was neither homeless or jobless.

  1. Damn, that sad. I just tried to look up more info about it. Was he really only 24 tho? If that was his age, these stars live some rough lives. I thought he was over 30.

    The gay scene in the ATL is tough man. I heard it can take a toll.

  2. So sad.

    I feel like it can happen to anyone. So easy to fall into traps.

    At the end of the day you have to take care of you! Invest in yourself and I don’t mean clothes and material shit or top notch kush! I mean get an education or invest your money in a dream that will allow you to support yourself.

    That’s why I just can’t relate to these dudes who’s main focus is finding a man or getting a nut.

    When I’m seeing some commas in my bank account and can take a trip whenever I feel like it and my 401k is popping then I’ll worry about that other shit.


    1. I agree JAY,

      This is sad and unfortunate.
      You have to make sure you cover all your bases in this life; having a consistent way to pay your bills, investing in your future etc. I know that’s easier said than done in some cases, but for most, it pays off better than not doing those things. You have to be smart, crafty, intuitive/saavy, and fortuitous to be successful as a black man, add gay on top of that and you need to be those things x10.

      S/N: If I saw some commas in my bank account, I don’t think ANYTHING could bother me LOL!
      That’s what I will strive for. I’m going to live my life and make sure I die feeling like I accomplished everything that I wanted, money included, even though my life will never be ‘straight” and narrow ( pun intended LOL)


  3. Being the small world that it is Black Gay Life, I just had to inform an associate tonight about his death who knew him, but didnt know he had passed, and he was in shock. This life can swallow you whole if you are not mentally tough and Atlanta is not for the faint of heart. Sad to say, but I have known several dudes who went there in search of a good time who ended up coming back this way in a box if I can be so blunt. I will always remember feeling a sadness for this dude (King B) when he was on the reality show about Black Gay Life in Atlanta that never was picked up, sadly I forget the name, but he was trying to date the main character on the show and the guy rejected him because of him doing porn and he had this look of defeat. So many young guys get caught up so fast until they dont even realize it until it is too late. I already know no matter what anybody says, doing porn takes a little bit of your soul, and is not an easy thing to reconcile in your mind no matter how one tries to say it is just a job and they have no regrets, but most end up on hard drugs to cope. Just another one gone too soon.

    How many more cautionary tales does there have to be for these dudes to get it and see that all that glitters is not gold.

    1. Yeaaaah that’s where I recognize him from. That messy “reality show” about a bunch of nothing on YouTube. That was the only episode I saw. It was full of old superficial queens trying to play young. I couldn’t.

      And I agree, Porn & escorting will mess up a person’s mind.

  4. I knew Ron briefly from the club scene in Atlanta. When I met him from what I think I remember he was from D.C. and he ran track in high school (hence his in shape body). What struck me the most (and I feel horrible about judging) he was “dusty”. Here we are in the club and he is in a sweat suit and he smelled musty. He tried to go home with me (this was our first meeting btw). I stopped going to clubs so frequently and lost contact with him only to see him pop up on xtube with pornstar XL when he had his xtube channel. They were fu**king raw and I was kinda shocked that XL would be into that. Then I saw him in a number of Breed it raw productions and I wasn’t so shocked. I guess it’s true that sex sells. It sucks to come to a city and be sucked into the life.
    RIP Ron.

  5. This is not true his real name is Mehren Chestnut and he died of a Grand Mal Seizure. He was not homless nor broke. He was surrounded and loved by many including his mother. He worked a steady job as well as The Industry . The kidz love to try it. That f-bi probably was a rejected and bitter queen. Have some class or at least the truth when you spill the tea!

  6. A lot gay porn stars died early like Junior, Arpad Miklos, Erik Rhodes, and many more. This industry is not glamorous at all, it quite sad tbh like this video that I saw from treasure island (i think) where this young boy was talking about how he got raped by his friend who much older than him. And watching the two older guys barefucking him was too awkward and sad to watch.

    But hopefully now King B can rest in peace.

      1. It was reported in Luckey Star blog, but now it’s gone as I was trying to search for it. But I know Arquez said Junior passed away

  7. They didn’t have to screenshot him and blast him like that tho…kinda disrespectful.

    Anyway this lifestyle will eat you alive if you let it. That’s why I try to keep a low profile and only mess with people who have something to lose. Life is too short to focus on fitting in with people who won’t fuck with you when it counts.

  8. I didn’t know him but I wanted to comment on a few things some other people left in this section. I’m not a resident of Atlanta, and wouldn’t care to be, but I know the gay lifestyle is similar all over the country, especially the Black gay circuit. I’ve done porn, and escorted, and I’ve managed to grow past those things and have a good life. I graduated from college, got married, and live a pretty normal life now. People’s will to succeed doesn’t always have to be thwarted by the club scene, the sex scene, or even drugs. If they have a strong belief and support system, they can come out of it on the other end. I think this guy’s medical issues with the seizures was really all his untimely death was about. People like to make up things and run with it if it sounds like juicy story. People lose and gain jobs all the time, so to label him as jobless and homeless just from a convo with someone via text is reaching. If people went through our phones at a time of turmoil, I would hope they would not label us by what they saw inside. Either way, I am saddened by this because he was a young Black man and I try to show love to every brother I encounter, and I hope his family gets the privacy and respect they deserve when it comes to them losing their son, brother, etc. Life is what you make it. But even if you make mistakes during your lifetime they shouldn’t define you or your legacy.

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