Kylie Jenner Puts Tyra Banks To Shame

tumblr_nud4tnj1Tl1tg5hreo1_1280so i saw these pictures today and was blown away.
it was kylie jenner’s photo shoot for galore magazine.
they were taken by terry richardson.
check these out…

i was blown away at how terrible she looks.
is this sexy?
like is this sexy to someone out there?
this looks really bland and emotionless.
only one picture showed her personality.
she literally looks dead in her eyes in everything else.
don’t even get me started at how her facial expression looks the same.
the whole photo shoot is:

all pictures credited: galore magazine

Author: jamari fox

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19 thoughts on “Kylie Jenner Puts Tyra Banks To Shame”

  1. Wow J i was afraid when you said blown away then i breathed a sigh of relief after the jump lol…needless to say you are right …lifeless she’s just …there in trashy clothes to boot and an overdone face not a great combo and again why is she famous??? Sorry for rambling

  2. This girl looks well beyond her years…………… a bad way. Like does she even enjoy the small things teenagers usually do it is she too grown for that? Smh

  3. And pause for the tyga and Kylie sextape…this maybe the next step to give them both a boost..hell it worked for ray j and kim

    1. Kim was not on the map tho, and social media was not around like it is now. A sex tape would not help them…and it did not help Ray J at all. Kim was the only one who got fame.

      1. Ray j is cashing them VH1 checks from love and hip he is gettin paid. He wouldn’t have gotten that without that tape cuz it sho aint for his music

  4. Kris Jenner aint shit, what mother grooms all her daughters to be whores. I am sick of all of them, including her daddy Caitlyn. A damn family full of freaks, only in America where this foolishness is celebrated. It is sad that they make so much money pushing this trash down our throats and people with good ideas and those who are actually doing something to make this a better world, often get no support or funding. This country is so “Fkd Up” in so many ways and this family can take a small part of the blame. Just go away already.

  5. She is a wanna be….and she has to do everything the kardashians are good for to keep the money and publicity flowing… from the basement bedroom mentality.

  6. Call me what you want but I think her surgery is money well spent. She weren’t that cute before it. These pictures ain’t all that but the ones on her instagram look better **JUDGE ME** Lol

  7. You know I’m so sick and tired of some members of the Kardashians. Kris being the ring leader along with Kim, Khloe, and now Kylie.

  8. This girl looks like a 35 year old Porn Vet at the tender age of 18. And it’s only going to get worse with each plastic surgery, drug binge, bukkake orgy, etc. Sad.

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