fake ass pineapples seldom get what they need

folks be soooooo fake out here.
i’ve learned to stop having high expectations when it comes to others.
when folks do something nice,
or continue to be,
is when i’ll truly be shocked.
i think that’s a better way to live.
it gives you something to look forward too.
so i met one of the baddest vixens at work recently…

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Pineapples At A Kendrick Lamar Concert

ya know,
whenever i see white folks lip syncing to hiphop songs,
i low-key cringe.
i wait to see if “pineapple” would come out their mouth.
(for those who are new:
pineapple in the foxhole is “n*gga”)

it was interesting to see them rapping along to “pineapples in paris”.
kendrick lamar learned when he invited a snow bunny on stage.
this is what happened via “the grape vine”

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Amar’e Stoudemire Would Shower Down The Street From a Gay Teammate

it’s always that one.
one who shows us who they are before we even have to question.
former nba and overseas baller wolf,
amar’e stoudemire,
says he wouldn’t even shower in the same room as a gay teammate.
so a bunch of baller wolves in the isreali league were asked:

Would you have a problem with a gay teammate?

check all the answers including amar’e…
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Black Lives Matter Ain’t Got SHIT To Do With Moi!

tumblr_nk6l0ouubs1r70t44o1_500is lil wayne still a “thing”?
he hasn’t released a good album since “the carter 3”.
we have a whole slew of rapper wolves who have taken his crown.
ya know,
i’m always amazed with ignorance.
it comes in many forms,
but this night line interview with lil wayne was 110% pure ignorance.
this is what he said when asked about “black lives matter” via baller alert
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The Princess and The Fuck Hispanic N*gga (Pineapple)

tumblr_static_largelast night at like close to 11pm-ish,
in the middle of a deep cleansing facial,
i was interrupted by the sounds of my phone going off.
a lot.
as much as i wanted it to be “11pm to 3am entertainment”,
it was actually my home vixen.
she wrote this to me…
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“Hazmat” is Really Negative

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 11.07.29 PMliving the “social media life” can be hazardous to your health.
just ask hazmat.
well his name is laboy456.
he was ( x the pineapple from last entry ) who allegedly gave people hiv.
well come to find out

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