Amar’e Stoudemire Would Shower Down The Street From a Gay Teammate

it’s always that one.
one who shows us who they are before we even have to question.
former nba and overseas baller wolf,
amar’e stoudemire,
says he wouldn’t even shower in the same room as a gay teammate.
so a bunch of baller wolves in the isreali league were asked:

Would you have a problem with a gay teammate?

check all the answers including amar’e…

i guess he thought because he was overseas he wouldn’t get dragged:

naaaaahhhhhhhh buddy.

so there is a way to answer a question that question.
you can choose to say:

and no disrespect intended,

but i wouldn’t feel comfortable with a gay teammate.”

i wouldn’t have judged.
i did judge by his tasteless joke tho.
he should be ashamed of himself for being so…
i never took him for being such a cornball.
he always struck me as one of those “deep” baller wolves.
you know the types.
soul brotha/”happy to be nappy”.
clearly he is as deep as a kiddie pool.
if he has to do all that because he has a gay teammate,
that says more about amar’e than anything else.
it also says a lot when you’re on the same team as someone,
but because you happen to be “different”,
they treat you as if you are on the opposing side.
what happened to camaraderie?
“go team go!”?
it all goes out the window because someone is gay?
i hate to break it to him,
but i’m sure he had/has some dl baller wolves around.
prior teams
and current.
maybe even coaches,
team owners,
and reporters.
some who even slapped his tail and got hard doing it.
they probably saw his junk and wasn’t impressed.
see that’s the beauty of being discreet or dl.
we tend to be everywhere so you never know until we tell you.
funny how that works?
i love when the joke ends up being on a dumb ass.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “Amar’e Stoudemire Would Shower Down The Street From a Gay Teammate”

  1. Eh, doesn’t bother me. I feel like realistically speaking, love and support is conditional. Of course it’s not acceptable to declare that openly but it’s true mostly.

    People get rejected for a multitude of reasons. Disabilities, being fat, too dark, being skinny, ugly, gay, etc.

    No sense in being mad when you finally fall into the category since we all do it ourselves.

    So yeah team camaderie like every other relationship is conditional to me.

  2. In today’s episode of “Things Crazy Pineapples Do” he can kiss what little career he has left once the white gay mafia gets a hold of him, ask Tim Hardaway about that one. I laugh at things like this because I shower all the time in the gym full of Str8 pineapples, take me a discreet look LOL and keep it moving without incident, you cant control nobody’s eye of course that is not to say be offensive as many gay dudes are but hey its the time in which we live, so many people showing off their bodies online that many dudes are now embolden to make their same sex admiration known. Sadly many Str8 Pineapples have a hypersensitivity to anyone besides females watching or admiring their bodies or so they say when people are looking. I have had many so called str8 dudes let me see all when no one was looking at the gym and it was nobody but is a locker-room. Bro have several seats cause you aint that cute and you look dusty. Nobody checking for you like that.

  3. Here is why this is irrelevant nor does it bother me, this negro isn’t coming back to the NBA and likely can’t even play on the international circuit, he’s a has been. Sowe are not gonna dwell on the pass are we? 😏

      1. Right, play ignorant and try to remain blissful about it. Like so many pro athletes like him, he probably spent his entire life in sports. So, you are saying that you never showered with a gay guy before and didn’t know it. Child bye.

  4. *Looks at Amare Stoudemire real close* I don’t know him. I’m sorry. Never heard of him. What does he do? Does he play sports? Is he popular like LeBron James or Steph Curry or even Kobe Bryant or even Dwayne Wade? Does Amare have an NBA Championship ring?

  5. This is surprising come from him because I thought he was better, but I guess not. Yea, he is irrelevant now. I am a basketball fan and I forgot about him lol. Amar’e has not been relevant since his days with the Suns. If he is gone take his dig, I am going take mine lol.

    1. The shit people say for attention, right. lol And like somebody said above, you would have thought he would have learned from Tim Hardaway. Hell Tim Hardaway cant even get a job coaching Pee Wee Basketball at the local Rec Center now. lol

  6. He apologized. He told TMZ he was joking.He said it was a longer interview and he was making comedic responses to all the questions.

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