fake ass pineapples seldom get what they need

folks be soooooo fake out here.
i’ve learned to stop having high expectations when it comes to others.
when folks do something nice,
or continue to be,
is when i’ll truly be shocked.
i think that’s a better way to live.
it gives you something to look forward too.
so i met one of the baddest vixens at work recently…

she is gorgeous and has an amazing bawdy.
she looks like one of the insta-attentionistas.
she has like over 100k followers on ig and has no shame in it.
i met her a few weeks ago randomly when she was new.
she came to my floor on accident and we struck up conversation.
you know i like to talk to folks.

there is a wolf at work that would always walk past me,
but would never say anything.
he is tall,
and one of the fattest ass tails i’ve ever seen.
one day,
i struck up conversation to break the ice.
after that,
i noticed he would always come around just to talk.
i realized he was straight and kept the attraction at bay.
each time we spoke tho,
we had a lot in common.

well suddenly,
this pineapple just stopped speaking to me

he stopped coming to my floor,
and when i would see him in the halls,
he wouldn’t say a thing to me.
i don’t know why nor did i care.
i’ve been ghosted for less before so it’s whatever.
i’m not shocked anymore so once you pay me dust,
i’m literally giving you the sahara right back.

im always down to reconnect if the vibe is right,
but i don’t chase anyone including no pineapple.
well today,
i was talking around with the bad vixen throughout the building.
one of my other male co workers i’m cool with saw me.
he was with the same pineapple.
as soon as we walked up,
you woulda have thought his eyes would’ve fallen out his sockets.
i only introduced the bad vixen to the other male co worker.
i legit acted like that other pineapple didn’t exist.
she wasn’t interested in him either.

You know later on that day,
he sent me an email asking me what the bad vixen’s name was?

i sent that shit straight to the trash folder.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “fake ass pineapples seldom get what they need”

  1. Lol! This post tickled me but let’s be serious. We know why dudes (& females) do this. People liked to be chased and wanted. It’s an ego rush. They want folks to “desire” them but also like to study individuals to see what they can “obtain” from them of value if anything.

    Very good way of paying dust as well in return.

    I’m glad you deleted it. Good job on curbing the bad vibes. Served him right!

  2. This has happened to me from time to time, straight wolves love to try to use the gay to try to get introduced to said gay’s female friend. I like how you approached it and how you’re not allowing yourself to get caught up in this wack wolf’s game.

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