so a company finally reached out to sponsor the foxhole!

so i got an email i thought would change my life.
a web traffic company wanted to sponsor us.
they let me they were impressed with the foxhole.
they saw my stats and how much traffic i get.
with that,
they said i can make up to 10k a month.
you know my ears and tail perked tf up.
i am at my wits end at my job so this came just in time.
one thing that stood out was the word within the email:


that can be interpreted in many ways,
i decided to dig a little deeper on what they meant.
so they did want to sponsor me…

…but only if i put porn ads up for sites like pornhub and redtube.
not only that,
but i’d have to font about xxx movies and all that.
they’d want me to put a “18 and up” disclaimer on the foxhole too.


my site can be adult,
but moreso “adult lifestyle”.
when it comes to straight up and down “dick to mouth” ads?
what if issa rae or some other big deal found the foxhole?
how would that look?

your brand is your business card.
i’ve talked about sex and showed some of it before.
that doesn’t mean i’m full on porn.
they show sex scenes in movies and tv shows,
but that doesn’t mean they get an xxx rating.
they’re “adult” like the foxhole is.
we are a multi layered situation in this neck of th woods.
i’m not strictly thottish.
there other shit going on here.
so i’m good on those types of sponsorships.
on to the next.

12 thoughts on “so a company finally reached out to sponsor the foxhole!

  1. Shiid you crazy fuck that where do i sign up lmao make another site for the grown and classy and redirect them to there, in the mean time cut me my check bih lmao

  2. You made the right decision because your image is the most important. You do not want to be known as one of those type of blogs, nope.

  3. Get you money. You did it before. Create another site for grown up blogging. Thot this one the fuck out. I still find and follow both. Get your 6 figure a year. You’ll have more time too and not running to corporate America. I mean the choice is yours but i would

  4. It’s a decision that every creative person has to make or has made before, ” Do I take this money and go along with something I’m not 100 percent ok with for my brand or do I wait keep doing what I’m doing in hopes that my vision or art is understood so one day I can reap the money?”

    Only You know whats best for you and your vision.

    P.S. I would say tho while you’re waiting on that dream sponsor to to hit you up, maybe brainstorm some ideas of how to get this site to work for you and your pockets. I can’r remember If I mention a patron page to you before, but I could see you have one for the foxhole.

  5. Create another site for sone of more “ratchet ” side of the foxhole while operating this one. Make it seem almost as separately owned. ….just a thought…all the big wholesome companies have some questionable business subsidiaries. Just a thought

  6. Porn is a multi billion dollar industry. When tube sites like Pornhub has more traffic than CNN, FOXNEWS, ESPN and Yelp that should tell you where the money is being exchanged lol. That’s why I don’t knock instagram guys/gals who make the decision to cash in. I enjoy the current “Lifestyle Tone” of this website, but lets not kidd ourselves, the sexier the story the more clicks it gets. The choice is yours 😁

  7. The ball’s in your court….I think you already know what to do (or have already done.)

  8. I appreciate your willingness to have standards and be the voice of the urban foxes and wolves and some hybrids of this generation. I agree with your stance because once you become 18 or older and add disclaimers, it lessens the validity of the blog.

    Your sponsor is coming whether it is a mainstream sponsor or behind the scenes. Do not stop your mission, vision, or content.

  9. Look at your IG and #Trending topics on the blog’s very sidebar. They can be very adult and they are also a part of your business card. They give a glimpse of what you are fonting about on the blog. Maybe a little cleaning is in order to land a sponsor of you choosing.

  10. Oh damn, I was about to quickly rush down to the comments and put in my congrats, but I’m glad I read a lil’ further…smdh, wow that’s crazy…yeah man, your brand is everything.

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