my current life soundtrack is a “beautiful trauma”

i don’t know what’s been going on with me,
but i been listening to p!nk’s “beautiful trauma” album non stop.
i was having an urge to listen to a p!nk record,
but i didn’t know which one would have spoke to my soul.
i’m a huge fan of her entire discography,
but i needed to hear her vocals on something.
the thing about p!nk that i love

…is she is very honest in her music.
she puts her heart and soul into her work.
it might sound like “bubble gum pop rock”,
but it describe her vibe and personality perfectly.
she is so underrated,
but she is a beast.

the album seems to represent me at this moment.
isn’t a full on break up album,
but “leading up to the point”.
it’s not sad,
but it’s not happy either.
it’s asking questions,
confused about some things,
and wondering

How tf did I get here?

it’s recognizing that there are good times,
but there is some fucked up shit going on.
my life,
at the moment,
is a “beautiful trauma”.
i’m learning a lot of shit,
but i’m in pain with this recent growth also.
when i’m into an album like this,
i know some healing is coming.
remember when i was obsessed with “the velvet rope”?
that led to a great period of change.
i feel another is on the way.
thanks p!nk for my latest musical obsession.

lowkey: this song makes me feel good…


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “my current life soundtrack is a “beautiful trauma””

  1. I was done with her when she said she was “forced” to sing “black music”. She appropriated the culture, made a name and then wanted to distance herself from the music that made her. FOH Pink.

    1. Where did she say that? I saw her Behind the Music special and Antonio Reid had her debut disc leaning towards the R&B genre, which she was hesitant about from the start. She agreed to do it but she wanted to go a different route (as most artists do) with the sophomore album, which she did…and she’s still here unlike many artists. She knows that album put her on the map, but it wasn’t a genre she was comfortable with. And let’s be real…not too many white artists can stay in the R&B genre for long. Jon B and Teena Marie are the exception, and Jon B didn’t last too long.

      I like her music a lot. She hits home with her songs/message. She was speaking to me with “Like A Pill” when I broke up with my ex. “Family Portrait” makes me tear up every time I hear it. She makes fun songs and she makes serious songs.

      1. @Christian, its hard to tell, her first CD Frank was banging!!! It would have been hard for her to duplicate the success of back to black.

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