k michelle does a serious downgrade in her life

so i’ll be honest,
but i never really cared for k michelle‘s old bawdy.
i never liked “bug life” butt cheeks tho.
from the side view,
it wasn’t a good look.
well k michelle has been on a “glo up” as of late.
this is how she looks ever since she downgraded that situation

she looks like what,
in my head,
a black southern sorority vixen looks like in that outfit.
everything about this new look is 110%.
i’m so glad the “mountain of mass ass” look is over.
nothing is better than your natural tail,
whether it’s big or not.
it looks proportionate to your bawdy.
i never understood the “fat tail and chicken legs” look.
they looked like walking bar stools.
i hope the rest of the vixens follow in this direction.
i’ll allow it.

lowkey: if a wolf doesn’t like you because your tail ain’t big,
he’s trash.
if you land a wolf because of your ass,
i’ve only seen that lead to heartbreak or unwanted pregnancy.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “k michelle does a serious downgrade in her life”

  1. Honestly she’s not really relevant anymore.

    She’s pulled way too many stunts to stay relevant instead of evolving music wise. Sad because she is talented, but much like Tamar Braxton her constant need for attention overshadows her talent. That’s why she keeps going back to Love & Hip Hop no matter how much she swears she’s done.

    She is beautiful though and you’re right about her being the typical southern girl sorority type lol

    1. “Not really relevant” is an understatement.

      Her drama has clouded and overshadowed any potential chances she had in the music industry. She’s the type to burn bridges and then cry wolf, just like Azealia Banks.

    2. I mean that is kinda where we are in society. Before reality show fame this girl use to sing her ass off but people really did not care to listen. People are really not interested in talent like that no more. They rather watch fools and listen to clowns

  2. Her skin has always been beautiful. Beyond the antics shes really talented and extremely intelligent. Thats why I was so confused when she got all crap put into her butt.

  3. I’m glad she tossed the fix-a-flat fillers from her azz, but I never understood how an “obviously“ surgically enhanced butt or boob job equates to sexual attraction for heterosexual men? Maybe they are wired differently than gay males because the moment I realize something on another MAN is unnatural – color contact lenses, foundation makeup, booty implants – I am instantly turned off sexually. It’s not a judgment issue for me it’s a rejection of things unnatural to human sexuality. Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim and at least a dozen other female hobbits look like walking caricatures of themselves. How does a healthy authentic heterosexual man finds something so unnatural appealing?

    I’m looking at you too Milan Christopher with your “booty enhancements” .

    1. @bllackpegasus Honestly you’d be surprised at how many gay dudes would fuck a guy with an enhanced butt. I wouldn’t put that much standards past many of the guys in this community because as much as I detest the stereotype, there is some truth to gay men in general being sexual deviants.

      I’m more so like you where if I find out that a guy has something unnatural about him then I’m also turned off too. I believe thats the privilege we have as men to come as we naturally are and still be viewed as sexy. Natural body, natural face, bald/hair etc. because beauty standards arent pushed that hard when it comes to men so we get away with being sexy without artificiality.

      I think dudes are attracted to fake looking women because fakery with women is nothing new. Makeup, wigs, breast implants etc. have been around for decades so men are pretty much used to it. As a society we are not used to men playing up with their images as much as women so its foreign to us.

      1. “Beauty Standards are not pushed that hard when it comes to men”. No disrespect but if anything the standards have become beyond realistic! Men may not be buying all the injectables (even though in Brazil and Europe it’s on the rise) but look at all the enhancer the men take internally to obtain the perfect figure. Plus most men that I have come across when it comes to dealing with men they perfer something of a Black Ken doll. The male beauty standard is just as jacked as the female beauty standard. Just look at marketing that has been thrown at us in society. About 65 years ago all beauty manipulation was directed at women but about 40 years ago they started working on the men. Now essentially it is at the same level. We are a very vain society but we had alot help getting there.

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