“reject”- jamari’s notes

another reject email.
i’m not mad about it.

i mean,
why should i be?
ever since i started to try letting go,
i started really seeing the power of the universe.
there was a company i recently reached out to…

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so a company finally reached out to sponsor the foxhole!

so i got an email i thought would change my life.
a web traffic company wanted to sponsor us.
they let me they were impressed with the foxhole.
they saw my stats and how much traffic i get.
with that,
they said i can make up to 10k a month.
you know my ears and tail perked tf up.
i am at my wits end at my job so this came just in time.
one thing that stood out was the word within the email:


that can be interpreted in many ways,
i decided to dig a little deeper on what they meant.
so they did want to sponsor me…

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You Can’t Hide Secrets From (Mi)

maxresdefaulti came home a early today.
i wasn’t feeling too good so they told me i could go.
when i got home,
mi was a little shocked.
i knew she didn’t have to be at work until 5pm.
as soon as i put my bag down,
she started with the interrogation
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Who Knew Taraji P Henson Had An 18 Year Old Son?

i love me some taraji.
she has come a long way and i’m proud of her success.
i knew she had a kid,
but i didn’t know he was eighteen.
is it disrespectful to say her son is… handsome?
no offense t!…
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When We Role Play… (30)

This is for EVERYONE.
Let’s try something new today.


You have been looking for a job for a while.
Your best friend of 5 years:

… hooked you up with a job at his start up company of 1 year.
He is the CEO and got you a good entry level position.
You started doing such a good job, that 6 months later, you got:

35,000 bonus + 50% raise
Car Service
Better title (just within the company)
Paid 2 week vacation

Word spread of how well you did in the company and it got to the ears of his rival company….

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