“reject”- jamari’s notes

another reject email.
i’m not mad about it.

i mean,
why should i be?
ever since i started to try letting go,
i started really seeing the power of the universe.
there was a company i recently reached out to…

…and they really impressed with the foxhole.
from my stats,
the foxhole was a sure fire win.
with every new opportunity,
i try to think optimistically about the possible outcome.
  i started picking out the china for my new townhouse in the burbs.
so they were all set in wanting to work with me.
it wasn’t until they sent me…

“if you have questionable content,
they won’t be able to display ads on your site.
we see you’ve had some pretty strong language on your site.

i’ll check with my team to see if we can lower that.”

it was a done deal.
i already knew what was coming.

google wants “family friendly” content in order to be monetized.
i’m not an american idol.
in fact,
jamari fox and his foxholers are everything “but”.
i’ve been turned down by them multiple times so i know the drill.
this time would be NO different.

they reached out to tell me they can’t go forward with working with me.
my associated manager was really nice about it too.
i mean,
we knew each other for a day,
but she was really trying to help a fox.

there are no hard feelings on my end.
i have no regrets either.

the foxhole is a place where i font authentically.
it can get a little  be ratchet af.

i’ll curse or find the urge to font about a sexy wolf.
he might just be semi naked af too.

i’ve never been the idol and i’m not gonna start either

so i’ve asked the universe to send me the company that will accept me,
give me tons of money,
and won’t care about my content unless it’s destructive to others.
a company that will take a chance on an anti idol.
all i can do as i move forward to the next opportunity…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on ““reject”- jamari’s notes”

  1. Aint nobody checking for wholesome anymore because if they were Cardi B. would not be as successful as she is today and Trump would not be our president.

    1. ^and this is where companies will miss out on the power of my foxhole.
      just last month,
      the foxhole had 300k views.
      this year has been 3 million in total.
      that is good revenue,
      but i’m not an american idol.

      1. Jamari are you sure it’s not because you don’t feature a lot of white foxes and wolves? White people seem to overlook vulgarity when it comes from white people.

    1. ^yahoo and bing don’t have anything like “google ads”
      but they’ve recently started exiting sites with “questionable content”.

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