all the dudes, who mess with other dudes, think they’re straight

i’m here to let the alleged straights know.
the moment:

Your penis gets harder than chinese arithmetic for any male
You stick said penis in any male/a male sticks said penis in you

…your sexuality is up for debate.
i’ll allow you to start off as bisexual,
but the moment you start messing with more males than females,
you have to accept you like males more.
if you haven’t messed with a female in a 5 year span,
and you have messed with/been intimate to one male in that time,
you’re pretty much gay.
if you’re messing with both males and females,
and not strictly dating any of them,
you’re bisexual.
that’s not something you need to announce to us.


it’s not a big deal.
a foxholer sent me this letter with his “straight” wolf that i wanted to share…

I had email you about my “straight” encounter.

SI I was on one of them “apps” one day. I live in a relatively secluded area so most dudes are 5 plus miles away. I never hook up as its usually just some talking and flirting type shit. Plus nobody seems to drive or travel and always gotta get scooped up.

Abyway , the next day thus dude was 1000 ft away. YOU guessed it..he just moved to the neighborhood so he said. Come to find out he just got out of jail but was living in the neighborhood before for 6 years .

After a few days of talking he comes over to “smoke” which clearly is straight boy code word for wanting to fuck.

He comes over and you guessed it…we some and after a while we both horny and smash.

Get this tho…he asked for a few dollars to get some weed and to buy food. Now I’m not rich but nobody in my neighborhood is starving. Besides he says he lives with his father but his father don’t fuck with him. Then he says he only fucks dudes for money..(.red flag) ..because he’s straight. His dick was pretty “straight” with not a lot of help when we was fucking.

The next few weeks he would text me everyday asking to smoke, or if I had any laundry detergent or if I could take him to work or pick him up. Seeing the “usuary” that was about to unfold I’d curve him or be “busy” whenever he would hit me up. One or 2 times I picked him up only because I was on my way way home anyway. He would always ask “if I wanted to chill” and I would give him the “I’m good” dap.

He’d continue to hit me but always would add that if we fuck he need a couple of dollars and I quote because “ain’t no girl getting no free dick, so no dude is getting free dick. Besides I’m not gay, I’m straight “

The curving goes on for several more weeks and since the first time we never did anything else. He would randomly text me and say “you don’t want no dick?” And I would say I’m good.

The other day he asked to “come over and smoke because it’s cold outside and he can’t smoke in the house ” I told him naw because one of my boys was coming through to get something and after that I was goin out. This night gonna come back and say “you getting dick from somebody else but don’t want mine?” I shut that down quick and told him even if I was getting sex it’s none of his business and to never come at me like that again

This morning he hit me up saying he was horny. So I said I’m good especially if you charging. I told him if you just wanna fuck say so but I ain’t paying for shit. I never had to pay for sex and don’t need to now. He says “well yeah, I been wanting to fuck with you again”….a few minutes later he adds”but a straight night need to get a few dollars cuz I ain’t gay” lol. Wtf.

I told him dude if you want to fuck with me then do it..ain’t nobody worried about you being “straight” and if you want to fuck just say so but that paying shit is dead. He responded “yeah…so what’s up”

No response was given nor needed

These dudes just don’t want to be labeled but clearly like sex and dint care where they get it from. It’s like they want to be able to say they only had sex with a guy because they were either high or they were paid. But deep down they like guys.

My last relationship, my dude was always going to his boys house to smoke. I always thought in my head that dudes get high together and freak…not always the case but it will always keep one eye open. After I started smoking I clearly realize that the only thing you wanna do when you are high is eat and sleep ..unless you on mollies.

These dudes will use anything to get with dudes but just don’t try to label them.. this dude I’m talking bout kept repeating he was straight…he must’ve been convincing himself cuz I truly could give a fuck. He wasn’t dating material in terms of he was starting all over after jail and I didn’t want a project. He was dark, sexy, dick thick af and 10 inches easily. Fuckboy in every sense of the word. But he seemed to want another round with me buy couldn’t do it if he saw himself as being called gay…thoughts

my thought is:

weed and food?
how very “low income” of him.
it sounds like he can’t find a job,
due to his jail record,
so he’s using his pipe as his employment status.
all direct deposits; no w2 required.

i think males who fuck for money have convinced themselves they’re “straight”.
they’ll have to “get high” to fuck a male,
but that sounds like bullshit to me.
if a male is high or drunk,
if he’s absolutely straight,
he’ll go fuck a vixen.
being intoxicated,
saying “no homo/pause”,
or getting paid,
is not a “get out of gay free” card.
in my opinion:

Males assume their masculinity is up for question with the word “gay”

…and that’s fine,
but you’re not fully straight if you’re contemplating messing with a male.
like i said,
i’ll allow you to “rest in bisexual” until you figure it out.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “all the dudes, who mess with other dudes, think they’re straight”

  1. This man has loser, fuckboi written all over him. I hope this Foxholer stays safe because this situation can easily go left.

  2. Well, this is an interesting topic. I instantly thought this was maybe a gay or for pay situation until the man seemed to be upset when he suspected the foxholer was getting dick from someone else, and when he said he wanted to fuck with him again. Two possible explanations come to mind since the behavior of this man is questionable. I think this ma may have got turned out while he was locked up depending on the amount of time he served, or he has always had some curiosity in his subconscious mind. I personally would not want to have any interaction with a person like this, and he needed to be cut off.

  3. I deal with this all the time, dudes get aroused, and want to get sucked. After the ordeal, I ask about their relationship status. “Im with my girl, Im straight!” Sure. Do you bttm? “Nope.” These types of guys confuse me.

  4. Whoever sent this is my HERO. Way to put it on him and not be stressed! He wanted more but couldn’t come to terms with he had to say the money BS. I don’t think he was hurting for money. Besides if he was in jail..I’m sure he would have no problem stealing from his father’s wallet. The money excuses was so it wouldn’t look weird when he wanted some.

    I love that he was jealous. The foxholer is also wise as if they got caught it could just cause drama for him. I think going out of your town to hookup is the smartest. If you’re going to get into it on their turf.

    Would someone mind educating me on the effects of weed? Is it like alcohol in that it affects everyone differently? I’m asking because I have this straight friend that gets very touchy feely after he’s smoked.

  5. I believe this is the case due to people jumbling up sexuality. Instead of them saying people are confused, they say sexuality is complex.

    Obviously, if you have sex with a man and a woman you’re bisexual, if you have sex with only with men, you’re a homosexual and if you only like the opposite sex, you’re heterosexual. It’s like people are out to prove nature wrong or something but I guess.

    We live in an era where the current people want to have an identity but it’s like some kind of school club or something silly that’s really unnecessary. The social m dia generation lives up to its title…Lots of Followers.

    Muscular men wearing pantyhose should be tolerated and if not, it’s toxic masculinity. Um, no it’s not. It’s just a grown man that likes to wear clothes tailored for women and they look weird on his body. That ain’t toxic, that’s truth.

    The type of dudes in the post don’t confuse me at all. They are likely narcissistic, controlling and untrustworthy. Gay men (& hetero women) need to stop being play things for these types of men. If the signs are there that something isn’t right…bam…drop it.

    Some dudes are fine with being regarded as that side person or that other person but a person with self worth doesn’t settle for something like that.

    The gays that know about it are just as wrong..I bet they wouldn’t be cool if it was they daddy doing the same thing to they mama.

    Idk J. I’ve never got involved too much with those confused type. I’m not here to train or be an experiment for your convenience. Just my opinion though.

    Also what’s up with getting high and drunk just to fool around with other dudes? That should let you know right then you need to find someone else because clearly if these dudes can’t even be honest about themselves without some drug influence, what makes you think they will be honest with you?

  6. The honest truth is these dudes are usually the most sexually attractive to the majority of Black Gay Men. If you just looking for a Quick Nutt from a masculine acting pineapple then this is your dude. He is more than likely a Grade A Fuck Boi who has a string of Baby Momma’s and a spotty employment history. I have to admit, I have had a few boys like this and the sex was off the chain but you can not get caught up, I always flip the script and tell them I have a Girl too but I just like to freak like them, it works every time. If you catch one of their eye, look at him real intense and when he approaches you, tell him “Naw Bro, I dont get down like that” it messes them up or just ignore them, they usually come around but they play on weak dudes, when you act like them and tell them you aint gay either they always down to freak for free. Well I might be telling too much tonight, blame these Holiday Spirits, I have been indulging in tonight LOL!

  7. Realistically, there are men that are content to be in “struggle mode” with there sexuality where they see other men as merely an itch to scratch without having the label. Eventually they’ll manage to settle with a woman and try to depict those men they’ve fucked as “mistakes” or “a point a weakness in my life.”

    The LGBT needs to stop giving these clowns a seat at the table. But that’s not practical because many gay men honestly rather not have to deal with other day men sexually.

  8. Nice. These last two comments clearly show some folks in the LGBT community has caught on to the B.S. and is clearly not having it in their life.

  9. My friend is in a relationship with a dude that in his late 40s. But, my friend insists that his dude is bisexual bc he has a daughter. Yet, his boyfriend hasnt fucked a female w/i the last 5 years. And they have now taken their relationship to the next level and having unprotected sex. Every time he insists that his man is bi, I be like NOPE. lol I mean at this point, he is fucking you raw and he can breed you when he wants to w/o worrying about getting you pregnant. I think he is fine. lol

  10. Sexuality is a spectrum and for a great deal of people (myself included) it is beyond ternary labeling. Just because we do not want to be included in your preferred label should not be an issue. A lot of people find the “gay” label problematic because it is often emblematic of myriad other factors that extend beyond the gender of whom someone fux and truthfully it typically comes down to masculine vs feminine. Most straight-acting men want to be with other straight-acting men; feminine men typically do not want to be with other feminine men and they will often lie in their profiles and say that they are masculine because they know this fact. People might call it a preference but it is an attraction just like completely gay man would not be attracted to any kind of sex with a woman. I don’t know what people who lie in their profiles and say they are masc are expecting–that their natural charm and good looks will override a personal natural attraction.The queer community opened this Pandora box of gender and sexual identity that often confounds straight people, this is just an extension. You will not succeed in forcing someone to accept themselves as “gay” just because you think that is their correct label. You might get ambiguous terms like “queer”, “not completely straight”, “fluid”, “hetero-flexible”, LGBTQ+, and of course str8. If you cannot live with that kind ambiguity, don’t fuck with these people. There will ALWAYS be someone else who will have no problem.

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