males will fuck anything

*the following entry is rated xxx
viewer discretion is strong advised

males are truly interesting.
we are.
we be out here talmbout:

“i bang the baddest bitches/pineapples…”

…and although that may just be true for some,
a lot of males be fuckin the low hanging fruit.
example: some of these baby mamas be UGLY AF.
 gay or straight,
fine or ugly,
a male’s fwb is usually never “the baddest”.
it’s “she/he is available and on call when i’m horny”.
i’ve seen “11pm to 3am entertainers” be:

super obese (excuse: nah yo you see that ass?)


“faces a mother could love” (excuse: none)

my home wolf use to bang a vixen with one eye faithfully.
i kid you the fuck not.
i’ve seen her.
he legit fucked her twice at my crib.
so when i saw the following video

all i could do was this:

and cleanliness apparently,
don’t really mean shit.
if you noticed,
the dl wolves are notorious for this.
you see some of these beasts they smash in the ‘secretly recorded’ videos?
some gays may act picky,
but they’ll give it up if they horny enough.
i’ve seen wolves talmbout they wouldn’t fuck a feminine fox

…or in a twist,
the feminine fox is really a wolf and he banging the “wolf” cheeks to smithereens.
i’m sleeeeeeeeeppppppp tho.
males have excuses after excuses,
and lies after lies,
but it’s a whole different story bts.
after all,
we are still males and easy sex is still sex.

flat tail
fat tummy
dark skin
missing a appendage

there is always someone out there that will fuck you.
if you can drain that nut sack good,
you’ll be on the rotation.
don’t believe the hypefoxhole.

lowkey: it’s okay if your fwb look embarrassing.
you getting good sex right?
okay then shut up.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

25 thoughts on “males will fuck anything”

    1. It’s rare to see differing points of view when the same 4-6 posters post the same thing. When a poster does post a differing point of view, Jamari either ignores them or uses one of his alternate accounts to do his dirty work. He could at least change the sentence structure but he’s too lazy/too proud to. The Tumblr users who ask and answer their own questions have nothing on him. At this point anyone with the letter J in their screen name is Jamari himself, “Jammy” being the main culprit. Watch him switch it up now that he’s been called out. He’ll make a post about how unbothered he is and how some wonderful (imaginary) person that he’s ever so close to at his oh so fabulous job (that refuses to pay him what he feels he’s entitled to) told him how brilliant and special he is and to ignore his “haters”, followed by a post of self-aggrandizement, a thirst trap, and finally one of his infamous biweekly mental breakdowns. He follows the narcissistic cycle of abuse to the letter: feels threatened, abuses others, becomes the victim, feels empowered. That’s why he can’t take criticism without having a full on psychotic break. His episodes are a ploy to garner attention and admiration. With the advent of Instagram his blog is archaic anyway. Many of the original Black gay bloggers have moved on to more lucrative arenas. Jamari posts the same 4 types of content: thirst traps, tea from Lipstick Alley aka his “vix bi’s”, tea on thirst traps, and the woe is me breakdown attention seeking posts. Occasionally there’ll be a 5th type when one of his hackneyed thirst traps learns that their photos are here. Jamari will post his disdain about the thirst trap not wanting some ever so important exposure from his “career-making” blog. He doesn’t take their photos down either. Now people are supposed to believe that this self-hating (hence the dark skin comment) nut is being courted by advertisers? Oh, please! That sounds like another one of Jamari Fox’s infamous power fantasies.

      1. Soooo, why do you come here? You sound upset about something not pertaining to the topic at hand.

        Btw, I can assure you this “J” isn’t Jamari.

      2. I think he’s the “competition ” lurking to see what goes on. Probably not happy with his own content and is looking to jack viewers by talking down about Jamari.
        Why else would you come onto someone’s site and attack them?! And with that long ass post it sounds like someone really likes to toot his own horn. Talk about self-aggrandizement! Lol

  1. ewwwww. wtf was THAT?! & yes, dudes will smash ANYTHING, gay or straight. it’s a dude at my job that fucked about 6 females there and all are below average in looks, yet this foo walks around like Zaddy of the Year like he pulling baddies left and right. guess if you getting yo nut who cares. quality is definitely out the door!

  2. Aw man. That’s gross. I don’t like know musty, dirty, smelly or anything unkempt period…lol If a brutha don’t smell like he been tough he’d with soap and water I can’t be bothered lol.

    This post made me itch and decide to take a bleach bath.

    1. ^jackal came on the train today with his underarms STINKING!
      like straight corn chips in that hot ass humidity.
      he thought i was gonna ride that whole train with him standing to me?
      nah homie.
      got off and waited for another.
      the train was acting stupid too.
      I’M GOOD.

      1. LMAO I had a similar trip J! It was a middle eastern father/son tag team though. They had the bus HUMMING…and it was air conditioned!!
        I thought it was just me, but the lady next to me was like my god they stink.

  3. Why was dark skin listed with the negatives? wtf? A lot of black people need to self reflect because clearly there are some color issues there. Smh.

  4. Jamari..B why haven’t you addressed the dark skin comment.. it’s ignorant for you ignore us and be mad at us for bring it up/making it a thing if you don’t address it.. We are just asking for an explanation.. its rude that you continue to comment and not give one brother.

  5. I can get the part about dark skinned. Black Gays go insane over Light-skinned dudes with muscles and tats and that’s no lie…

    The minute a light skinned dude pop up like that, they go on running. Just like how some Str8 dudes put light skinned chicks on a pedestal, quite a few black gays put light skin men up there too as if being dark skinned is the “other option.” But if that’s what they like…can’t fault them for it. Colorism has always been a problem and it’s not exclusive to Black American culture either. India has it real bad, and some parts of Latin America and they get just as dark as us.

    My crazy butt stay eyeballing dark skinned men though. Everytime I see one, it’s like someone swinging a Hershey bar in my face. Don’t let him be toned with a nice smile..either. I’m pretty flirty so if they cocoa brown or dark and cute I’ll probably go out my way to tease “entertain” them but it’s just a harmless passing flirt if that.

    I remember in college when I did office work in the student center alongside takimg classes, this dude came in, nice chocolate brown and looked like he was mixed. Had a nice little bush under his chin and a touch of waves in his hair.

    Didnt know his sexuality but I don’t be caring sometimes. I flirted with his cute self the entire time and got my black butt up from my station and personally escorted him to the financial aid office like he couldn’t see or anything, clearly flirting with him like he was Gatorade for my electrolytes. Lord, let me get my dehydrated azz back to my desk for Ms. Pat come running in talking bout “The Bible said…” (I can hear her now.)🙄

    Even my close friend knows that usually quiet Jammy don’t go out his way for no dude like that unless he’s “up to no good.” 😏

    1. ^thank you.

      talmbout “i get colorist vibes” and “please address the dark skin comment”.
      don’t insult my intelligence.
      i like males of all complexions and have posted them all within my blogging years.
      the best sexual experience i ever had was from a darker skin wolf.

      i give it to the foxhole straight.
      this has been a know issue in all communities unless you live under a rock.

  6. Lol ya’ll wanna ask why was dark skin included, but as a dark skinned man I can tell you a lot of blacks do deem dark skin as inferior. We must have have a perfect complexion, teeth whiter than snow, and a banging ass body to compete with even the most basic, awkward looking yellow, biracial, or racially ambiguous dude.

    We don’t want to admit the bias does exist. Especially with gay men.

    1. Lol The bias is there. I’ve seen it in action. But, it’s their loss man. I don’t give it my energy.

    2. ^thank you because i wasn’t going to respond to the stupidity.

      some black males are DISGUSTING to have dark skin vixens.
      some gays are notorious for their color issues as well.
      i’ve posted darker skin wolves on the ig foxhole and they don’t get half the likes than the lighter ones.

  7. Try not to be so easily offended.. I doubt that was the point J was making. Dark skinned brothas are beautiful! Have you guys not seen Kofi Siriboe? As a masculine, attractive, and fit dark skinned dude attracted to the same, I’ve never had trouble dating who I wanted. I am secure in who I am and it’s okay that everyone won’t find me attractive. Everybody won’t find you attractive, no matter what skin color you are. Learn to be confident in the skin you’re in and be optimistic. Look past the negativity and you’d be surprised who the universe sends your way.

  8. To the topic of the post I’ll say this ,” A nut is a nut”

    To the dark skin comment anyone that has been reading this blog knows Jamari loves black men of all shades and has had loads of male meats on here that have dark skin. In all communities( not just the gay one) having darker skin is seen as less than lighter skin. That’s not to say everyone feels that way or that you in particular feel that way, but society proves otherwise.

  9. Funny I get compliments about my dark skin all the time. Twenty or 30 years ago I don’t think that would have happened. I wish Jamari didn’t put it on his list but hey, that’s his opinion.

  10. Omg she looks like a gremlin I’m very sure she gets dick still though. That’s why when people say “I get dudes hitting me up and etc I’m cute cause men chase after me.” I don’t take them seriously dudes hit anything up, hell I’ve had guys that said they only date white guys hmu so yeah.

    Also the color comment was more so talking about dark skinned being seen as negative not him seeing it as a negative. Like let’s not act like deven’s creature look doesn’t get more play than an actual attractive dark skinned dude.

    1. I just told somebody this! Gays lusting over Deven proves colorism is real. I still stare at his pics wondering what is it that drives gays so crazy?

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