ramses principe and simeon panda gives us all the views

so you know which personal trainer wolf i love to look at? ramses principe.
not a day goes by that i don’t look at his ig and ig stories.
i find he is very open and that makes him relatable.
i wanted to showcase this video i saw today tho.
it was ramses working on his hamstrings and well…

i’m sold.
he has the perfect muscle bunz.
i have yet to see anyone else with one like his.
he knows his tail is his selling point too.
imagine this in your supermarket walking around:

he is living his best life too.
i love how he takes us on his world traveling.

a foxholer and i were discussing another personal training wolf,
simeon panda.
he is an og in the personal training game.
he has the face and bawdy,
in my opinion.
we both noticed he’s started showing off his big tail on his ig:

and my fav:

im sold on yours as well.

they both know where they get most of their viewership.
as long as they don’t speak,
there will be no issues.

lowkey: i’m certainly glad both of these wolves don’t skip leg day.
most of these personal training wolves skip leg day.

follow ramses: here
follow simeon: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “ramses principe and simeon panda gives us all the views”

  1. If I were into muscle guys I’d probably oggle at them too possibly the one with the tattoo on his leg.

  2. Ramses so cute and like you said he knows his ass is his selling point, he likes comments on IG about his ass, even from the gays

      1. Ramses and Roy give no fucks about their videos being posted on male booty pages on instagram. They always like those reposts lol

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