azealia banks has a problem with nicki minaj (who next?)

i won’t even have this entry start with how,
when i woke up the other day,
i got a notice nicki’s team allegedly pulled my entry off twitter.
we won’t start with that.
we will start on how azealia banks has an issue with nicki minaj.
so nicki posted that pictures/video of her in a mermaid suit on ig:

it’s a bts shot of her new video for “bed”.
well azealia had this to font…

i guess azealia is referring to this:

her “fantasea” era.
i mean,
it’s not like nicki is a mermaid on her album cover.
it’s just for a video.
what is nicki’s exact image this era tho?
she wasted a perfectly good “chun li” theme.
“fighting the big boys for her crown in hip hop”
i mean,
fire her whole team and start over.
aside from her not knowing who tf she is,
i don’t get the issue,
but everyone is dragging nicki minaj these days.
a random joseline hernandez is too:

…and the barbz started to eat her alive,
so of course she fought back:

they don’t want it with the puerto rican princess.

i don’t know what’s happening out here,
but this new era for nicki is filled with drama and bad decisions.
it seems nicki’s alleged bad behavior is catching up to her.
she ain’t going out without a fight tho.
i gotta give it to her.

lowkey: ya’ll didn’t have to drag her for the remix to “boo’d up” tho…

i can’t front,
it is pretty terrible.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “azealia banks has a problem with nicki minaj (who next?)”

  1. Pulled an entry off of Twitter? What happened to freedom of speech? Are people not entitled to their opinions

  2. Yeah AB has a problem with everyone and appears to be problematic as well from what I read.

    Looks like your outreach is pretty far J. They coming like sharks.

  3. Both of them are seen as laughing stocks anyway.

    Azealia is at the bottom of the totem pole in the industry and nobody would step close to her with a 10 feet pole. Sis is bad news. GossipInTheCity (fameolous) posted DM’s of Azealia admitting that she came at Nicki because Nicki refused to do a feature with her, which is believable. I saw comments from AB a few weeks ago saying that she’s trying to get a Nicki feature. Nicki was smart enough to keep her distance. AB is bad news

    And Joseline….. Ha she doesn’t even deserve the attention nor explanation. Both of them are corny for coming at Nic just for this.

    Hit me up when somebody IMPORTANT actually addresses Nicki lol.

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