i bet your “best of” reel got everyone jealous out here

i just got off the phone with my sad home-vixen.
i’m still trying to find a nickname for her.
she broke up with a wolf she was dealing with recently.
according to her,
he was being really clingy and proposed after 2 months of dating.
so while out today,
she saw so many couples and started to feel sad.

“i look at these couples today,
out here boo’d up,
and it reminds me of what i had.”

so i had to remind her about “best of” reels…

she dated 3 wolves thus far.
all of them were either “fine” or “sexy”.

the first wolf – i was envious of all the “lovey dovey shit,
until i was blown away at all the issues they had bts

the second wolf – he was a grade a fuck boi and they moved way to fast.
she missed all the signs and got burned pretty heavy

the last wolf – they looked like they would work,
but alas,
all the issues they had that she couldn’t deal with

the last one was a stage 5 clinger.
she all these complaints,
but now you miss him because of others in the forests?
i told her to imagine how everyone felt watching her “best of” reels.
that’s the thing with others that i’ve learned.
everyone wants to show us what they want to show us,
while choosing to keep all the other shit in the background.
so yes…
these couples are out here holding paws in public,
but what’s really going on in private?
someone could get murdered tonight once the masks are off.

she told me how she admired how nonchalant i am now.
these days,
i rarely feeling anything about others anymore.
social media has shown me that some folks aint shit out here.
i know folks in real life who are really miserable,
but play a good role in public.
what you’re seeing can change in about 3 day/weeks/months.
“cutesy” ig pictures get deleted everyday b.
we live in a society where everyone is flexing about all kinds of shit.
some of the truth; others is bold face lies.
if you ain’t careful,
you can get caught up in that hamster wheel.
the only thing i’m stressing about is this schmoney and making moves off this “9 to 5” shit.

everyone else and their “best of” don’t matter.
well unless i gotta font about it.
loyal and low key wolves with sex appeal still apply tho.

7 thoughts on “i bet your “best of” reel got everyone jealous out here

  1. I’ve never been jealous/envious of others’ relationships. I live a pretty much celibate life despite being able to Fawk who I want. I can pull a nikka if I REALLY wanted but that’s not what I want to be honest. I do get horny and I do have the desire to have sex (it’s human) but I dont have the desire to settle down. I’m way to selfish for a relationship to be honest.

    People living the rough high life when they younger and wanna settle down when they get old and I’m the complete reverse of that. I was very settled in my teen years up til very early 20s and as I get even older now, I’m starting to revv up and do what I wanna do. No commitments, no drama, no stress. I’ve never been a thot (hoeish tendicies though), into drugs or deep into societies social rules or how you are supposed to live your life.

    I’m the guy you dont date. Relationships don’t take work imo, people just like to be sought after and made feel they are wanted and create work. I don’t have time for a nagging or demanding woman or a pushy man either. I don’t put up with any of it because I wasn’t created to nor is it a requirement for my continous existence. I don’t cater to anyone but children who may have no positive outlook, but other than that I just want to buy an island & party and reflect with my closest friends about good times we had growing up. Lmao.

    If I ever do think about getting into a relationship I always have plenty of visual reasons why I don’t ever want to. I don’t have relationship goals…just goals to be a positive impact in life.

    Some people just are wired for long term or dating type relationships, some just don’t want it. I don’t need someone to make me happy or validate my existence in that sense to be honest. However, I encourage those that do want a relationship to seek peace within themselves first and then “open up” to others later.

    I told a friend I was gonna be single forever and they were like cheer up…you just haven’t found the right person yet. Of course I was like, who said singleness and unhappiness were synonymous and what makes you think I’m “looking” for someone? Hahaha.

    I plan on going on cruise with my best friend of 20+ years one of these days. Could our adventure turn into How Jammy got his groove back and I met an exotical wolf that will sweep me awf ma feet (preferably into a bed)??

    Who knows what the future holds.

  2. People on IG will have you doing stupid shit because they want you believe there something wrong with you if you don’t have this or that.

  3. I don’t envy other people’s relationships at all. A lot of people I see together, they look unhappy. The dude will seem to be smiling, the chick looks like she wants to escape or be somewhere else…and vice versa. I’m enjoying being solo. Everyone I know that’s in a relationship is complaining about something.
    Like you said, people can be in a relationship with a person who’s an abuser, stalker, or serial killer behind closed doors. What may look good, may not necessarily be so.

    Me…right now I’m drama free and loving it. When the time comes to meet someone, it will happen. I’m not going out looking for it. That’s when you get the nutjobs. Lol

    1. ^if you really look behind all the filtered pics,
      and the ig stories,
      you may see someone who is really miserable.

      i’m enjoying being alone for the first time ever.

  4. Honestly I had a moment like your friend til i thought about how messed up my past relationships were. I think we all fall into the trap of why am i still alone why does nobody want to be serious? Etc. Takes just a minute to realize that’s on them not you. Lol

    1. ^and even if someone moved on because it was all you,
      wish them well and tell them BYE.
      i don’t want NO ONE in my life who doesn’t want to be there.
      i’m smart,
      and got a lot of shit going on.
      i’m good with someone and alone.
      always remember you are as well!

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