males will fuck anything

*the following entry is rated xxx
viewer discretion is strong advised

males are truly interesting.
we are.
we be out here talmbout:

“i bang the baddest bitches/pineapples…”

…and although that may just be true for some,
a lot of males be fuckin the low hanging fruit.
example: some of these baby mamas be UGLY AF.
 gay or straight,
fine or ugly,
a male’s fwb is usually never “the baddest”.
it’s “she/he is available and on call when i’m horny”.
i’ve seen “11pm to 3am entertainers” be:

super obese (excuse: nah yo you see that ass?)


“faces a mother could love” (excuse: none)

my home wolf use to bang a vixen with one eye faithfully.
i kid you the fuck not.
i’ve seen her.
he legit fucked her twice at my crib.
so when i saw the following video
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