andrew tate thinks the straights should choose “megan fox with a penis”

i feel like ^this one here,
who is known as andrew tate,
usually talks about himself in his speeches.

them drawz look quite spacious so this must be about him:

i find that interesting because he gives small dick energy pretty heavy.
he is the type that adds inches every time he buys something.
i found the following interesting as well.
his reasoning to fuck a “megan fox with a dick“…

this seems like “testing the waters to see how the public responds” to me.

i have a feeling he is going to tell his followers one day:

“Hey guys!
F these women!
We can find pleasure within ourselves.
Let’s just all get together and suck dick.”

…and that vixen-hating community of his will be like,

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “andrew tate thinks the straights should choose “megan fox with a penis””

  1. DWRCL….. Your comments are hilarious but true. Is this fucker in jail as yet? He is such a charlatan, a fucking scammer ..FUCK HIM..small dick fucker he is

  2. I agree. The bravado feels forced, like little Donny Trump, Jr.
    Fake commandos, Top Gun wannabes, the two of them. The Little Dick League.

  3. I had to return and say
    “Andrew Tate is repulsive on so many levels, go away”!
    I believe some drag or tranny has already blown the mind of this sissy,.πŸ’―

  4. The Faux Alpha-male type has to go. I’m tired of seeing these guys tell us how big of a loser they are in life and love.

    1. Definitely a loser if you have to lock women up in your house so that they don’t leave. Pathetic

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